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You’ve Been Buying Fake Salt For Years! Here is What You Need to KNOW

What do you look for when you buy salt? Do you look for the container that says “sea salt?”

If you do, you may be getting scammed – because all salt comes from the sea, not just the good “sea salt” you’re likely thinking of.

You’re on the right track in wanting sea salt, though, so let’s talk a bit more about labels. Normal table salt comes from underground salt deposits, and as such, is heavily processed. It will still sometimes be marketed as sea salt, however  – that’s not what you want.

What you want is salt that results from the evaporation of ocean water, because that means you’ll get all the trace minerals that were in the water as well.

One giveaway when it comes to good sea salt – the stuff that actually came from the sea – is the color. If your salt is white? It doesn’t have those trace minerals, and probably wasn’t harvested from ocean water. Instead, look for brownish or sandy colors, or in the best case, pink – which is the color of Himalayan salt, often considered the best salt in the world.

Next time you’re looking for salt, you’ll now know what to look for!

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