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You Will Be Shocked By What Caused This Child’s Massive Tooth Decay!

These days, children no longer go to the dentist for an annual cleaning. Children are consuming high amounts of sugar that leads to tooth decay. 

Dentists are pulling out teeth, due to rotting, from kids even more in this time than ever. In New Zealand, a 3-year old boy had to have 11 teeth extractions because of his daily intake of high amounts of sugar. Dr. Rob Beaglehole, a New Zealand dentist, notes that the 3-year old had mainly soda in his sippy cup. 

Sugar Consumption in America

This problem extends well beyond the country of New Zealand. The American heart Association recommends that women consume up to 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, while men should take in no more than 9 teaspoons a day. In just one 20 oz. can of Coca-Cola contains 15 teaspoons of sugar!

Even drinking one of these a day is over-consumption of the recommended amount. Do Americans follow the warnings of excessive sugar intake? An average person will consume 23 teaspoons—which is more than triple the amount recommended for men and quadruple the amount recommended for women, according to the American Heart Association. 

From southern New York to Alabama, there have been problems noted with the consumption of sugar. Public health advocates in the local areas say that soft drinks are the link between the high levels of dental rot and erosion. The problem has been named “Mountain Dew Mouth,” after the area’s popular choice of soda was Mountain Dew. The main source of dental erosion, is in citric acid. It is a preservative that helps increase the shelf life of soda, and betters the flavoring. In energy drinks, there is a high level of citric acid as well. 

Other Health Risks of Added Sugar

There are many other reasons than just tooth health, for you to avoid added sugar. Its been found to be linked with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It overworks the liver, while causing insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. There’s an increased risk of cancer associated with over consumption of sugar. 

Sugar has been overly consumed at a shocking rate, and is now the top contributor to childhood and adulthood obesity. It’s highly-addictive as cocaine, decreases fullness, making people feel less full while causing them to lose self-control of their intake of sugar and food they consume. In the past 3 decades, childhood obesity has doubled and quadrupled in adolescents. About over 1/3 of adolescents and children were considered obese or overweight in 2012.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk factors for prediabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, bone and joint problems, social/psychological issues with poor self-esteem are able to occur in obese youth. Adolescents and young children that are obese, will most likely be obese as adults as well.

This will put them at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, stroke and several types of cancer. It’s suggested by the New Zealand Dental Association, that parents impose a water/milk only rule to help prevent tooth decay in young children from consumption of soft drinks.

The beverage industry has challenged claims that their products are unhealthy and toxic on teeth. It’s nutrition experts and dentists that debate how soft drinks are destroying teeth. As alarming as it is seeing children have rotted/decayed teeth, the consequences of too much consumption of sugar, shockingly goes very far than just from soda alone.

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