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You Throw Away The Eggshells? You’ll Never Do It Again After Reading This!

Eggs are part of a well-balanced breakfast, but many people don’t know about the nutrients in eggshells. After you read about the benefits of the shells, you’ll no longer be throwing them away!

6 Convincing Reasons To Use Eggshells in Your Garden

1. Fertilizer

Eggshells have a high level of calcium, which is excellent for fertilising soil and aiding your plants and shrubs to grow. They give their calcium to the soil, and then because they are thin, and low-density will decompose quickly.  Don’t even worry about sterilizing or grinding them up. They need no preparation, once empty the egg shell can be tossed on whichever soil or compost heap you wish to fertilise.

To make the most of the fertilising qualities of eggshells, spread them in winter ready for where you wish to plant in the spring. Shells can alternatively be cleaned and saved ready for use in the spring if you don’t want eggshells on the ground throughout the winter.

The calcium taken into the soil from the shells will benefit plants such as tomatoes and peppers which are known to be easily affected by calcium deficiency.

2. Pest-Deterrent

Eggshells are great if you suffer from unwanted slugs and snails which come uninvited into your garden to feed on your plants and flowers. The shells work to deter these critters by providing a no-go barrier which the sensitive foot of the slug or snail will not be able to get past, or indeed crawl over. The pests will be forced to look elsewhere in search of food.

3. Seed-starter Pots

The thin, bio-degradable layer of the eggshell is the perfect way to start your own seed starter pots.

To open the egg and retain enough shell to use as a starter pot, make a small hole on one side of the egg instead of cracking in the usual way. You will then need to clean the shell out using boiling water and place back upside down in the carton to let the water drain and the shell to dry. Once dry you may fill the shells with soil for potting, adding whichever seeds you wish to grow. As the seeds grow they can be placed in a bigger area of soil such as a larger plant pot, ideal for herbs, or into the ground in the garden for bigger plants.

4. Feed the Birds

Eggshells are a great source of calcium for birds who need calcium at important stages in their life, particularly when laying eggs themselves. The shells should be sterilised by baking them in the over for around 10 minutes on 250°F / 120°C  until they are dry but not brown on the inside. The shells can then be crumbled well and placed straight onto the ground during the spring and summer where there will naturally be more birds in your garden. The eggshell crumbles can also be mixed with birdseed, suet, or mealworms in an existing birdfeeder.

5. Repel Deer

Eggshells can be scattered around effected areas if you have unwanted deer that make their way into your garden during the night. It is the smell of albumin the deer hates and tend to stay away from an area that smells like raw eggs. Be aware of you have other smaller visiting animals like rodents, these could be attracted to the smell.

6. Aesthetic Value

Crumbled egg shells can add a nice accent of white to an otherwise boring area of soil. Many eggshells should be collected for the desired effect, which can be kept in a container until you have enough to covered the area you want. As mentioned above not only does this look pretty it is providing your soil with extra nutrients and minerals for a healthier garden. A step further would be to add crumbled oyster shells which give a similar aesthetic and positive health benefit.

Hopefully you will never throw away this handy by-product of our delicious friend, the egg, ever again.

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