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Woman Loses Multiple Fingers & Toes After Getting This Common Illness

Last December, an ordinary woman got sick…and from there things turned into a nightmare.

Shelby Smith, then 27-years-old, was fit, active, and hadn’t been sick in years, until the morning last December when after starting her shift at a local boutique, she realized she really didn’t feel well.

Smith, from Tennessee, had strep throat. As she didn’t have insurance, though, she decided to let the virus run its course, assuming she’d eventually get better.

Except she didn’t get better. After her nose turned blue, her boyfriend decided to rush her to the hospital – in what proved to be the nick of time. Doctors at the hospital told her her heart, lungs, and brain were all failing, and she was close to death.

As Smith told Inside Edition, “I was as close to death as you could be without dying.”

As doctors later revealed, Smith’s untreated strep throat had become a severe sepsis infection – and was in danger of costing her her life. Her hands, fingers, and toes turned black. As Smith noted, “It looked like I was turning into a witch.”

Doctors were forced to amputate fingers on her right hand, as well as a finger on her left and two toes from her left foot…all as a result of untreated strep throat.

Shelby Smith is now learning how to live her life, and notes that, “Every day I see this is a reminder that I have a second chance at life.”

Of course, if she’d had insurance…

Watch more in the video below:

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