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Why You Should Freeze Every Lemon You Consume

The best way to eat a lemon isn’t exactly how you think it would be. 

Nutritionists and all kinds of people who pay close attention to health are saying lemons should be eaten whole and nothing should be wasted. 

That’s right, I’m saying the peel is edible. In fact, a lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the juice and pulp. How do you eat the peel, you may ask? 

Simple. Freeze it.

Preferably organic, take your lemons (cut them in half if you prefer) and put them in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, get whatever is necessary to grate or shred the lemon. Yes, grate the whole lemon. Getting lemon peel in your diet has many health benefits and it’s not hard at all. 

Grate the lemon and sprinkle it on whatever you’d like such as; salad, ice cream, soup, cereal, noodles, spaghetti sauce. The list goes on but you get the idea. By the way the taste is slightly different then just what your used to and it’s a good thing.

Most people know that cancer thrives in an acidic environment. When drinking lemon, this helps to balance you pH towards a more alkaline state. Eating and drinking lemon enhanced foods and beverages will boost your immune system and will decrease your risk of cancer substantially. 

It doesn’t end there. It has an anti-microbial effect against bacterial infections and fungi; it is effective against internal parasites and worms; it regulates blood pressure, which is too high; it acts as an anti-depressant; it combats stress and nervous disorders.

After more than 20 laboratory tests since 1970, the extracts revealed that it destroys the malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas and that the compounds of the lemon tree were 10,000 times more effective than the product Adriamycin, which is a drug normally used in chemotherapy.

It’s really clear to see so do not stay blind to the greedy and educate yourself. Nature possess everything we need for any circumstance or situation. Eating healthy and taking care of your body mentally and physically is a task well worth the effort. It’s not hard and noticing the difference never goes unseen. All it starts with could be a lemon and that’s not a bad start at all. 

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