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Why Millions are Drinking Mold and Bacteria in Their Morning Coffee (and how you can AVOID it)

We all love our morning cup of java, but what if your coffee might be making you sick?

No, really – millions drink mold and bacteria in their coffee. Every. Single. Morning. Gross, right?

And there are plenty of other health concerns, too, including the following:

  • Environmental impact: This is especially true for Keurig and other pod-based systems, which make a ton of trash.
  • Health Concerns: Most coffee makers are disgusting full of molds and bacterias, which can be making you sick.
  • Nutrition: Unless you’re drinking your coffee black, odds are good it’s mostly sugar, or added fats and additives. That’s not good, either.
  • Pesticides: There’s also the fact that most conventional coffee farmers rely heavily on pesticides – trace residues of which may end up in your morning cup.
  • Plastics: There’s also the fact that pods and other coffee making systems frequently involve heavy use of plastics…which can leach chemicals into your coffee. Yuck!
Fortunately, there are safer alternatives, including buying organic coffee, and then making it with a french press, chemex, or aeropress.

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