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Why Growing Food is The Single Most Impactful Thing You Can Do in a Corrupt Political System

Change is good for all of society, yet the most effective change comes from those who aren’t sitting idle over a new president, waiting for life to improve from it. 

These people are planting vital seeds to life, and gardening is the way to gain independence in a community. This vicious 4-year election cycle is doing nothing but tricking people to choose the “lesser of two evils” in one giant political arena. Imagine if society were to put that wasted energy and into something more constructive and life improving, a better world? 

Having a garden is powerful in these times as food controls the political monopoly over the people. This is why many are defying politics and going forward with having their own gardens. It relays a stronger, more meaningful political statement than voting for candidates and supporting political parties. 

Propaganda gardening, a mix of guerrilla gardening and political protest, is about developing self-sufficiency while producing a bold statement about the world we live in, and the rules we choose to live by. 

A good example, Ron Finley, a ‘Guerrilla Gardener’ from Los Angeles believes that the corporate food system does nothing but enslave us for their benefit. He says our most effective weapon against it is fertile soil. He inspires his community to grow organically, as having your own garden is personal independence.

Ron Finley says:

I live in a food prison.. It’s all by design just like prisons are by designed. I just got tired of being an inmate. So I figured, let me change this paradigm, let me grown my own food. This is one thing I can do to escape this predestined life that I have unwillingly subscribed to.

To get a look at how the movement is spreading, view this video, ‘Gardening is Gangsta,’ by Sifu Paul Davis and Mark Jenkins.

If you really look over the idea of having your own garden, it has a powerful effect on the establishment.

Having your very own garden:

  • Protects us against insecurity and food unrest
  • Facilitates a greater awakening by setting an example for others to follow
  • Decreases dependence on a polluted corporate food system
  • Improves health and wellness by providing exercise and nutritious food, freeing us from dependence on a for-profit medical system
  • Undermines Monsanto and the agro-chemical industry that is polluting our world and killing bees
  • Highlights issues of political control by pitting homeowners and gardeners against government and ordinance makers
  • Builds and heals community by providing a place and activity worth coming together over
  • Works to repair the damage we are doing to the environment with our consumer lifestyles

When people stand together, awareness and action create changes that a rigid control system cannot thrive, and when people like Ron Finley take the lead, a strong movement can take precedent. This is very effective and has far-reaching effects. As it becomes popular to set up gardens in your yard and on your block, we will then see a conversion to the society we can’t have if by playing by the rules of a rigged system.

“I had sixty people putting in an urban garden while you all were marching. Now who do you think was more effective?” – Ron Finley

In a recent interview with Marc Angelo of the Superhero Academy, Ron says:

Just a few generations ago, gardening for sustenance was not the fringe activity that it has become in recent decades, because it was a basic daily act of survival. One that will rise again as a controlled economy and engineered economic collapse will make it imperative to join forces with your community and defend your personal sovereignty. 
Why don’t you churches get together instead of with your ‘my religion is better than yours’ bullshit, and get together and put in a healthy food market… isn’t that doing good business? If your people live longer, don’t you get more money?

Deepening your connection to nature is more transformative to the world than politics. Bringing your community together in unity towards gardening, is a strong weapon against the political establishment. The manipulation would end if we all had our very own garden. There would no longer be restrictions or boundaries forced onto us by a corrupt government. 

The toxic 4-year election cycle brings nothing, and steals our energy that could be used on other constructive things like gardening.

It would strengthen our nation and communities. We can ultimately grow bigger than the political system by gardening, and best of all we’d be healthier!

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