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When Your Doctor Suggests Regular Mammograms, This Is What You Need To Say Back

The medical industry nowadays and for quite sometime seems to have a greedy and evil agenda.

Breast Cancer is being caused by the same equipment used for mammograms. 

Video Transcript: Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer 

Dr. Ben Johnson: I wrote The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom because the current medical standards today are giving women breast cancer from participating in routine mammograms. That’s crystal clear, published in the peer review literature. If a woman was to visit her gynecologist or doctor, she would be bombarded with recommendations for mammograms that cause than prevent breast cancer.

Ty Bollinger: So the medical equipment we utilize to detect breast cancer, is causing breast cancer?

Dr. Ben Johnson: It truly is, you know uncomfortably squishing women’s breasts and then infusing them with cancer-causing radiation. And then it’s so insensitive. For women under 50, it’s only like 52% effective, sensitive. That means 52 is pretty close to 50, right?

Ty Bollinger: Yeah

Dr. Ben Johnson: It means about half of the women that have breast cancer, it would not detect their cancer. Despite this, it still remains being crammed down women’s throats.

Ty Bollinger: So, all it does is detect 50% and cause cancer. So, with that being off the list, What are better options there for detecting breast cancer?

Dr. Ben Johnson: There are two other alternatives. If you have a visible lump then having an ultrasound is great. It’s a test of anatomy. Mammograms are tests of anatomy. Ultrasounds are tests of anatomy. MRIs are tests of anatomy. So if you’ve already got a lump, you want a test of anatomy. They can see where there’s calcium and blood flow in it. So, for instance, a sensitivity of ultrasound is up around 80%. It’s much higher than mammograms. And the sensitivity is higher too.

But if you’re looking for prevention, if you’re talking about screening, there’s really only one device out there, and that is thermography (an infrared thermal camera). The lady would be left untouched by harmful rays of radiation. As we sit here, we are omitting heat in the spectrum called infrared. There’s infrared, visual, and ultraviolet. So this is the infrared spectrum of light, which our eyes don’t see, but which is very detectable by the camera. The military developed this so that they could see people sneaking at them at nighttime and so that they could shoot down missiles and things because they’re producing heat.

Ty Bollinger: Like night vision goggles.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Yes. Night vision goggles are infrared goggles. About 8 to 10 years before there was a tumor, there were cancer cells starting to grow and multiply. It usually takes about eight years until you get to about a centimeter in size for a mammogram or an ultrasound to detect it. That is when it is too late. Because of that one-centimeter tumor, about five-sixteenths of an inch, less than half an inch, is about one billion cells. When you get to one billion cells, cancer has already eroded into the lymphatic system and the venous system, and it’s developing cancer cells all through the body. This is exactly why a mammogram is NOT early detection. “Early detection saves lives. Get your mammogram today” is a huge lie and a fraud. 

Ty Bollinger: Right.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Early detection saves lives from the the potential of deadly cancer. It’s just that mammography is not early detection; it’s too late. And then the cancer-causing radiation, which does mor eharm than good.

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