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What People in the Healthiest Countries in the World Eat for Breakfast

If you’re trying to break out of a breakfast rut, we’re here with a few of the most popular breakfast foods from the healthiest countries. Check it out below!

Each year, researchers release a ranking of the healthiest countries in the world. To help you out, we’ve talked to bloggers from each of those ten healthiest countries to help give you some typical breakfasts from around the world!

1. Qatar

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Husnaa, who blogs at Eat Sleep Be Fancy, told us that the most common breakfasts in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar — and the answer, for her, is eggs. “Balaleet is a sweet saffron vermicelli with egg dish, and shakshouka is eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce,” she told us. Those dishes are normally eaten with something like slow-cooked beans (luba) or flatbread.

2. Norway

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Criz Kisteria of Crizzy Kiss said that in Norway, breakfast is often an open-faced sandwich spread with “‘healthy butter,’ followed by the pålegg (the Norwegian word to describe anything put on top of the bread) of their choice like skinke (Norwegian ham), salami, or smoked salmon.” Norwegians often accompany that with scrambled eggs, white and brown cheese, and a few slices of cucumber or fruit, explained Kisteria.

3. Switzerland

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“The typical breakfast in Switzerland is muesli; it’s a mixture of oats and other grains and dried fruit, and people usually eat this with yogurt and fresh fruit,” Swiss lifestyle blogger Tiphaine Marie told us. “Other than that, in the French-speaking part of the country (which is where I live), we love to eat bread with jam, or croissants. Not the healthiest, but from time to time, it is nice to have something a bit more sweet in the morning!”

4. Luxembourg

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“In Luxembourg, breakfasts are pretty similar to breakfasts in Germany. Most people eat bread with butter and cheese or jam. We call these open sandwiches ‘Schmieren,’” said Carmen Baustert of the lifestyle blog Clothes and Camera. “The children mainly eat cereals or get a breakfast box for school that contains sandwiches and fruit.”

5. Japan

Vitamin-rich natto (fermented soybeans), pickled vegetables, grilled fish, rice, a bowl of miso soup, and green tea are often included in traditional Japanese breakfasts, said Kat and Satoshi from Our Adventures In Japan. But, as you would expect, not everyone in the country eats similarly in the mornings. The bloggers told us that Western-style foods like toast, eggs, and coffee are also becoming more popular in their country.

6. Iceland

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If you’re an American eating in your car every morning as you drive to work, then you’re not eating breakfast like they do in Iceland. “Icelandic people tend to eat breakfast at home. For many, the day can’t start without coffee and toast, while others devour a big bowl of oat porridge. In many homes, breakfast also entails a healthy dosage of cod liver oil, something Icelanders believe in religiously,” said Auður Ösp of I Heart Reykjavík. “It’s a great source of vitamin D, which is very important during the darkest months.”

7. Austria

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Coffee, bread, jam, butter, and a boiled egg are all part of an Austrian breakfast, said Silia Tvg, who is known to readers all over the world for her blog, The Viennese Girl. As for Tvg? Her favorite morning meal is avocado, cottage cheese, and toast with a cup of hot milk with honey.

8. Singapore

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Jaclynn Seah of The Occasional Traveller told us about one of the most popular breakfasts in Singapore: “Commonly referred to as a ‘breakfast set,’ a standard breakfast is two half-boiled eggs still in their shells, crispy browned toast with coconut-y kaya spread, a bit of butter, and a steaming cup of kopi (coffee).”

9. Sweden

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“A typical Swedish breakfast usually consists of any type of bread or crisp bread you can imagine with spreads like hard cheese, cold cuts, and Swedish caviar,” explained Alexandra Lindberg, who blogs about her life in Sweden at Ropcorn. “Porridge, boiled eggs, and filmjölk (soured milk) are also popular to eat in the mornings.”

10. Australia

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“If we’re talking about the average brekkie at home, you can bet there will be a bowl of [high-fiber cereal] Weet-Bix and a slice of Vegemite toast somewhere in the mix,” said Jodi Wilson of Australia’s Practising Simplicity. (Vegemite, for those with inquiring minds, is a black, salty spread made with leftover brewers’ yeast that’s a staple in Australian homes.) As for Wilson, her own favorite breakfast is smashed avocado on sourdough toast sprinkled with feta, lemon juice, and cracked pepper, along “with a good cup of coffee.”

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