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WARNING: Deadly Synthetic Flesh-Eating Bacteria Has Mutated, Spreading Like Wild Fire. Stay Alert!

It sounds like something out of a horror film, but in the oil industry there is a flesh eating organism at large, created by the industry itself.

It was in 2010 when an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico needed to be dealt with fast. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill covered over sixty thousand square miles, and a fast solution to clean up the oil was needed as the oil companies were falling out of favour with the public and environmental groups.

Washington took the drastic measure of releasing an artificially created microorganism nicknamed Cynthia into the spill area, with no prior knowledge of what the organism would do to the surrounding environment.

Cynthia was created by the J. Craig Venter Institute, who have been active in genetically engineering organisms for years, and Synthetic Genomics Inc, and was created and funded directly by BP. Cynthia was created to eat up the oil spill, but it was soon found that it doesn’t mind feeding on other things, too.

Cynthia was first praised in her efficiency to complete her task, and in January, 2011 the Register reported that scientists were impressed by the speed with which the bacteria was eating up the oil, but soon the bacteria mutated and developed a taste for other things.

The first reports of something odd happening was five thousand birds dying of an “unknown disease” in Arkansas, and over a hundred thousand dead fish being found off the coast of north Louisiana. There were reports of 128 British Petroleum employees that had worked on the initial oil clean up that had developed a mysterious disease, and they were forbidden from attending normal hospitals of talking to anyone about their illness.

More disturbing stories emerged of people going for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico, to find themselves covered with itching sores only to die only a couple of days later due to extensive internal bleeding.

Media reports suggested that there is two ways to be infected by Cynthia, either that it finds it’s way into your blood stream by an open wound somewhere on the body, or that the individual had eaten raw seafood that was infected with the bacteria.

According to the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), up to 40% of the residents of the territories adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico have become infected with severe respiratory and skin diseases, and one in four residents are planning on relocating from the area soon.

Still, Washington has been vague enough about the matter to deem the illnesses the work of an “unknown virus.”

Cynthia is reportedly been traveling and residents as far as Barrow, in the far North East has experienced symptoms that are attributed to the virus.

Environmentalists have highlighted the point that the government are not equipped to regulate this kind of chemical tool, an organisation in Ottawa, Canada known as the ETC Group has said that Venter has opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ and that no solution is yet able to contain the potential threat this has on the population of the Earth.

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