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Victory! U.S. Court of Appeals Votes to Allow Local Governments to BAN GMO Crops

While genetically modified crops come with their own range of environmental and health problems, one the most overlooked problems is that they are capable of contaminating other crops, even up to several miles away.

GMO canola and corn are two of the main crops that are found to be easily spreadable, and it is a real concern for farmers who’s non-GMO crops can be contaminated by others, making them unsellable on overseas markets creating huge financial problems for the farmers, and sometimes even leading to the farmers being prosecuted.

Thankfully, many local governments are changing the laws around where GMO crops are being allowed to be grown.

On Friday, Nov. 18, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a decision on GMO crop bans, they voted whether federal and Hawaii state laws preempt Hawaii counties’ authority to regulate the use of GMOs and pesticide use.

The court ruled that federal law does not prohibit the passing of local laws to regulate or ban commercially-grown GM crops, whereas any proposed bans will be allowed to go through.
“Today’s decision to allow states and counties to ban or regulate GM crops is an important victory for GM-free seed sanctuaries and small communities and farmers around the country,” said George Kimbrell, senior attorney for the Center for Food Safety.

The court decided the following: “the cultivation and testing of GM plants raise several well-documented concerns;” later adding, “transgenic contamination has previously caused significant economic impacts on farmers of conventional, non-GM crops.”

Environmental factor were also discussed, with the problems associated with pesticides, and new ‘superweeds’ that have been found growing due to unnatural circumstances such as too many chemicals.

The court’s final decision was: “the regulation of commercialized crops, both of GM and traditional varieties, remains within the authority of state and local governments.”
For more on the landmark decision, check out the full article from the Pulse by clicking here.

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