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US Presidential Election Spending Sets New Record of $6.6 Billion

With economic discussions being one of the main topics in this election it seems that neither of the Presidential Candidates had any reason to worry about spending during their respective campaigns. has published the figures for spending during this election and so far it has cost a staggering $6.6 billion USD, at least. As of October 25, 2016, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton has spent a combined $1.13 billion in their efforts to run for office, compared to just $913 million spent at the same point in the 2012 elections.

Bloomberg have said that Donald Trump has mainly relied on his own wealth and small donations from millions of his supporters. As of October 19, Trump had contributed $56.2 million of his own money into his own campaign and had spent $429.5 million in total. Clinton managed to raise $1.06 billion towards her effort and had spent $897 million at the same point in time. 

These figures released by Bloomberg have made it apparent that earlier estimations were not high enough.
Hillary Clinton reportedly spent over $125.1 million of her reserve on media, in comparison to Trump’s $30.4 million. The other candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have only spent $87,000 and $484,200 respectively.

The main expenditure for the Democratic party however was not on media, but on their convention which costs $127 million USD. Shockingly, $43 million of this money was federal money.

The candidates have vowed to make America their priority for the next four years. Could this have not been achieved without this absurd amount of money being spent on campaigning?

An apt quote from former wrestler and Governor Jesse Ventura goes:

One day in high school I came home and my dad said to me, ‘You know, all politicians are crooks,’ and I said, ‘C’mon dad, you can’t make a blanket statement like that – they can’t all be?’ He said, ‘Yes they can, and do you know why?’ And I said, ‘Why?’ and he said:  “Because they spend a million dollars for a job that only pays a hundred grand!”

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