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University Report Shows Staggering Amounts Of RoundUp Resistant Superweeds U.S Agriculture

Monsanto’s genetically-made crops (known as GMO’s or genetically-modified organisms), are giving farmer’s across the country a giant headache. 

These crops have become successfully resistant to Roundup and other chemicals from Monsanto, even plants in the field are becoming resistant too. It has become such a nuisance for farmers to eradicate. 

There’s a new study that proves that Roundup-resistant genes are toxic and contaminating natural plants than hypothetically thought, casting serious doubt on the ability of Monsanto’s creations being given a green light. 

Roundup-Resistant Weeds Thriving, New Study Shows

The website “Sustainable Pulse” reports that, glyphosate (active ingredient in Roundup)-resistant superweeds were in 76.8% tested sites by the University of Illinois Plant Clinic in 2016. The resistance report published by the clinic, showed that both glyphosate resistance and PPO Inhibitor herbicide have reached “epic proportions” as the Pulse report concludes. From 2,000 amaranth weed or water hemp samples in 10 states across the agricultural-rich Midwest, 456 of the field sites had shown resistance to glyphosate out of 593 sites, with a total of 76.8% of the sites. 

62.5% of the whole field were PPO Inhibitor resistant, while 49% of weeds in the field sites were resistant to both, the report had noted.  The samples were mostly taken from the state of Illinois. This reports includes research that has many Midwest farmers questioning GMO crops and their “glyphosate (or Roundup) resistant” traits, which have been given as a solution to farmer’s issues, and as a resolve for world hunger (The United Nations and many worldwide organizations disagree) 

A farmer being interviewed by the Pulse says: GM crops are on the edge of failure in the U.S. as farmers are asked to fork out more and more money on herbicides to try to control the superweeds. We simply can’t afford it! It is near the end of the road for these crops and many of my  friends in the Midwest are on the edge of turning back to conventional farming methods.” 

While agricultural universities receive millions in donations to “research” new “technology” they believe are very helpful to farmers. The hard, cold truth still remains the same no matter what they believe: Monsanto’s single response to the superweed issue, has been to engineer more “systems” that take on too much toxic concentrations of harmful chemical to eliminate resistant weeds. 

Critics say it’s a chemical “treadmill” that will only enable the very same problem that has grown over time. 

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