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Try THIS 200 Year Old Remedy For Treating Ear Pain!

Pain in the ear is a nasty experience for both adults and children. It is one of the most common reasons why parents bring their children to the doctor. Otalgia (pain in the ear) can manifest in one ear or in both. It can be of a different character (sharp, dull, burning pain) and with different intensity (from mild to unbearable pain).

The most common causes of otalgia:

— Foreign object in the ear

— Shampoo or water in the ear

— Acute or chronic otitis (ear inflammation)

— Excess earwax

— Sinusitis

— Damage to the ear due to pressure changes.

Rare causes for otagia occurrence:

— Tooth damage

— Tooth infection

— Perforated eardrum

— Temporomandibular joint (jaw) syndrome

— Eczema of the ear canal

— Trigeminal neuralgia.

Try This200 year old remedy that will help you get rid of ear pain.

Take a walnut split it in half carefully using a knife. Take out the nut and full the walnut shell with oil.

Carefully place the shell on a heated hotplate and allow it to boil for around 2 minutes. Make sure you do this process carefully in order not to spill the oil. Walnut shell should secret iodine which will combine with the oil. This will increase the healing properties of the oil. Collected the resulting oil using a syringe and carefully put some in the sore ear. The pain disappears immediately.

Source: Healthyfoodstar
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