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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot That WORK!


Athlete’s Foot is a highly contagious fungus, you’ll know you have it when your feet smell blue cheese– ish , they burn and sting like a nettle has been in your shoes. Itchy and scaly , nasty little patches between toes…

You get it from places where sufferers have left their little menace fungus behind – communal showers, indoor pools , Jacuzzi’s , infected people’s socks, infected people’s slippers and towels. 

(Why would you wear other people’s socks? That’s like sharing underwear!)

But don’t panic , there are all natural remedies to chase the fungus away:

Garlic – not only for adding to your mushrooms or escargot! Before you retire, crush fresh garlic and spread it between your toes. Put on some socks.  You will probably not be sharing a bed that night!

Keep your feet dry and dry carefully between your toes. Dust liberally with baking soda or corn starch

Tea tree oil – that amazing Ozzie plant ( the Ozzies get quite a lot right ). Use a foot bath with warm water and 40 drops of tea tree oil – soak for 10 mins. Your feet should be nice and wrinkly after that , it’ll help though !

No tea tree oil? Use ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar and crystal salt in warm water and bathe your feet. The fungus hates acid !

Make some tea with oregano ( let it cool to luke warm ) and soak your feet a few times a day. That’s right, soak not drink….

Ginger! Fresh, chop up , simmer for 20 minutes , cool to luke warm and dab on the infected area twice a day

Olive oil – clean your feet, dry ‘em and dab it on

Neem oil – origin India, dab it on

No neem, no olive oil ? try sesame or coconut oil

Colloidal silver ointment –  apply to the infected areas. Make sure your feet are clean and dry

Watch this short video on effective natural remedies for athlete’s foot: