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This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education

13-year old Logan Laplante was taken out of the public-education system by his parents and instead, they are home-schooling him. 

Due to this, Logan had the ability to have his education tailored to his interests and style of learning, which is something public education lacks. As mentioned by Logan, when he grows up he wants to be happy and healthy. In a TEDx talk in 2013, he talked about how public education lacked the means to help him achieve his goal. Logans story is identical to Jacob Barnett’s story where he was put into Special Education by his school until pulled out of public school and home-schooled. He now is an intelligent young boy who is capable of winning a Nobel Prize some day. 

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Education is the foundation for the creation of a successful and productive society, and this belief stems from being aware that these coming from the education system are able to keep society running in order to provide and retain profits from large companies in a system that needs growth all the time. Instead of out-of-the box- and creative thinkers, the current style of education creates more obedient, submissive and trained graduates to maintain structural integrity of our system. 

What it means is that public education is focused primarily on creating a supply of workers who can do a robot job, rather than focusing on individuals and their growth. In 2007, Sir Ken Robinson spoke at a TED talk, where he spoke about his belief that public education kills off creativity.  

His talk is one of the most viewed TED talks ever and has changed how we have re-thought our ways of educating our kids. Traditional education is no longer being overlooked and instead, parents are homeschooling their children to help them explore their education like Logan did. In the U.S.,3.8% of children between the ages of 5-17 are homeschooled. In Canada, the number drops to 1 percent. 

This is supposed to grow in both these countries as more parents see the limitations of the current education system. 

Studies have been done to only prove that home-schooled kids performed way better than their peers in public education. This is why, in my view, home schooling is more able to foster an adaptive, creative and forward-thinking individual who isn’t conditioned to think within the box they were taught to live in. So, does this mean its for everybody and one can’t turn that way through public education? No. I feel that the chances are much higher in homeschooling. 

I left school behind when I was attending college and the beliefs of leaving it, were long-held then, as they are now. I felt boxed in within our system. I felt like it wasn’t going to bring me anywhere. It wouldn’t matter if I was studying engineering, business, music or marketing, I wasn’t enjoying the methods and wasn’t able to see a way to change things, so I left. 

Besides what society makes us believe, leaving behind a diploma and education was the best decision of my life. I was able to explore more and learn new things without worrying about a strict structure that promotes annual testing that is useless and promotes memorization. We can put aside our education system and choose different ways to educate our children. It’s not to say that homeschooling is for all, but if our current system had underwent drastic reform, and changes in its functions, there would be better results. 

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