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This Is The End: ‘HOT’ New Fashion Trend Has Men Dressing In Skirts and 8 Inch Heels…

Fashion has been around since humans have inhabited this planet but not ever has it been so twisted like it is now. 

One of the most undermined appreciations of life in general is the ability to have free will and choose whatever path in life that one wants. By setting one’s mind to a single or multiple goals they can prepare themselves for a lifestyle or a career of their desire, barring any kind of natural or unnatural setbacks. 

This is generally the narrative that is given out to individuals as children, so that they can keep their heads towards the stars. The 21st century has come a long way in deviating completely from the norm of 20th century norms. Everything has seemingly flipped with a lot of it now being accepted in the 21st century. 


Individuals from Generations X and Y may not be accepting of such, which is not a judgment but a legitimate understanding for taking such a stand. Style has seemingly gone from based to sex to now wearing items from the opposite sex to try and be fashionable. This would be highly frowned upon in the earlier years especially, but now it seems that it has become quite a normality. 

In some preferences, men have now adopted an enjoyment of wearing women’s undergarments as it caters to their fetish of being submissive and dominated by the wearer of said panties typically. This is a bit more extreme of an example, but it is one that shows how the male species has seemingly adopted wearing the opposite sex’s clothing. Women have also proceeded to start wearing men’s boxers, due to the fact that they are more comfortable with less elastic squeezing their hips. 

Such has been perceived as weird as well. V-necked clothing has also been deemed as a piece of women’s clothing, but it is not completely common for men to be wearing such clothing. In fact, men are seen wearing v-neck clothing more than women nowadays, so the idea of fashion has definitely taken a complete 180. It is hard to determine or the most part what really belongs to what sex anymore, due to the shift in personality and paradigm. Despite these changes, there is one change that is being seen now and it is catching the attention of everything and understandably so. 

It is now being reported that men are taking the wearing of women’s fashion to an entirely different level. Men are now trying on women’s heels as well as skirts. One American clothing designer has now said that it may be the new thing to trend, despite such a fashion statement being perceived in a negative light if this was created two decades prior.

Some pictures were shown of some men wearing high heels and skirts and to say the least, the looks of them would definitely catch some attention in a very negative way. The looks of the men are awkward for obvious reasons, but they seem to try and wear the clothing well by having typical fierce model faces. This is still unable to be successful doing, while wearing such clothing that is always dominated by the female sex a majority of the time. 

The term that has been thrown out there to describe such a switch in what fashion people create or select is gender fluidity. This is that there really is no label that says what is for a man or for a woman.

Therefore one should and can wear whatever they want. On has this right in the 21st century, however, they are severely limiting themselves from things like careers and classrooms, due to the fact that it will be a large distraction and some human resource personnel will not take someone seriously if they see a grown man in heels and a skirt. Ultimately, they may wear what they want, but they are putting their own livelihood at risk in the process. 

The intent of these fashion trends seems to be heading towards a mentality of keeping people genderless or lacking a sex. The reason for this is completely unknown as there have always been distinct fashion statements or characteristics to make someone be different the opposite sex. Some things should be able to slide, such as V-necks on men, however such a trend may be taking things much too far. These sorts of pictures seem like something that belong on Ru Paul’s television show, not in an office environment. Such seems like it would make things inefficient and ineffective in the workplace as well as serve as a huge distraction to other fellow employees.

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