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This Common Activity is Now OFFICIALLY Linked to Blindness!

Doctors were recently stumped as to why two otherwise completely healthy women, ages 22 and 44, reported recurring blindness episodes – until they dug in a little bit more.

While all sorts of traditional health tests found nothing conclusive, the patients’ histories revealed something stunning: Their cell phone use before bed.

Do you use your phone before calling it a night, or while your in bed? Both of these women checked their phones while lying in bed on their sides – leading to one eye focused on the screen while the other was blocked, at least partially, but the pillow.

As the New England Journal of Medicine notes, this results in one eye adjusting to the light and the other to darkness. 

When the phone light then disappears, the brain is confused as to why one light is adjusted for day and the other for night – a problem that can lead to temporary blindness, and eventually permanent damage.

To make matters worse, the potential damage goes far beyond the eyes. Health experts at Harvard confirm the link between blue light and several types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

While doctors still don’t know quite why blue light has such pronounced effects, they continue to learn more. And until they know more, it may not be such a bad idea to leave your phone alone when you head to bed.

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