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“There is No Better Feeling:” Child’s Autistic Symptoms Miraculously Disappear after His Doctor Does THIS

Autism costs in America have in recent years risen staggeringly, but what if we’ve been treating it wrong all along? One doctor’s experience suggests that may be exactly the case.

Six-year-old Jackson looks like a normal child in the video below, but at 22 months, he was diagnosed as autistic. Dr. Mark Hyman, however, refused to treat Jackson with the standard treatments for an autistic child. Instead, he looked at Jackson’s other health issues: Gut inflammation and heavy metal toxicity, as well as nutritional imbalances.

Shockingly enough, as soon as those other health issues were successfully treated, Jackson no longer displayed autistic symptoms.

“There is really no better feeling than to bring a child back from the terrible place,” Mark said.

As a result, Dr Hyman believes autism is less a brain disorder, and more the result of imbalances in the body that affect the brain.

“Treating autism as a body disorder that affects the brain gives us many treatment choices. Children treated in this way can often have dramatic and remarkable — if not miraculous — recoveries,” he writes.

Research points out that there likely are multiple of causes for autism, both internal and external. But with the rapid rise of autism since the 1990s — a 600% increase over the last two decades — many doctors have begun to wonder if most of the autism cases these days are caused by outside sources: heavy metals, especially in food, vaccinations, the environment, and other potential sources.

The first one, heavy metals, has raised red flags in a lot of doctors’ eyes, and most naturopathic doctors will immediately recommend a heavy metal detoxification for children who were diagnosed on the autistic spectrum.

Two prevalent heavy metals that contaminate our world today are mercury and aluminium. Both are toxic and are responsible for some difficult health challenges.

The symptoms of inorganic mercury poisoning  are: emotional changes, headaches and insomnia, muscle twitching, muscle atrophy, and decreased cognitive functions.

The symptoms of organic mercury include neurological impairment, loss of coordination, and muscle weakness.

The symptoms aluminum toxicity is associated with: mood changes, muscle weakness, seizures, delayed growth in children and often mimic symptoms of other diseases.

Strangely enough, the symptoms of autism are nearly identical.

Thankfully, because of advances in the holistic autism field, those who do suffer such damage (like Jackson in this case) may finally have ways to reverse it.

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“There is No Better Feeling:” Child’s Autistic Symptoms Miraculously Disappear after His Doctor Does THIS “There is No Better Feeling:” Child’s Autistic Symptoms Miraculously Disappear after His Doctor Does THIS Reviewed by matt on 14:11:00 Rating: 5