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The World No 1 Food Against Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke And Cholesterol!

If you’re a regular reader here, we know that we regularly introduce science demonstrating which superfoods can help you most, but we’re especially impressed with these findings. 

If you haven’t been a fan before, you sure will be now – because dates are an amazing defense against all manner of cardiovascular issues!

In particular, dates have each of the following things going for them:

1. Dates are rich in iron
The high iron content is especially useful for those people who suffer from anemia, for children and for pregnant women.

2. Dates prevent diarrhea
The high potassium content prevents diarrhea by relieving the belly flora and the intestines, stimulating more effective bacteria in this way.

3. Dates soothe constipation
Dates have also got relieving properties that can soothe diarrhea and constipation. In other words, dates will help keep you regular…without letting things get out of control – which is not something most laxatives can say.

4. Dates control body weight
If you want to prevent excessive fat, you should eat dates on an empty stomach, as they’re cholesterol-free. Just be careful their sugar content, so as not to overeat.

5. Dates regulate cholesterol
Dates are also useful for the regulation of the unhealthy cholesterol or known as LDL, because they cleanse the blood vessels and prevent any blood clots.

6. Dates strengthen the heart
Hurrah for cardiovascular power!

7. Dates regulate blood pressure
People who suffer from hypertension should eat a lot of dates, because they are rich in potassium and do not have sodium. Additionally, 5 to 6 dates nearly contain 80 mg of magnesium, an important mineral that is spread through the blood vessels and that improves the flow of the blood. 

8. Dates prevent strokes
Their potassium content is a great stroke preventing agent!

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