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The Truth About Garlic That Nobody Talks About…

There are some articles out there fearmongering about toxic garlic – and we’re here to set the record straight.

Two key points:

1) Locally or domestically grown organic garlic? Not toxic.
2) Conventionally raised and imported garlic can be toxic – not because of the garlic itself, but rather because of interventions and processing.

So let’s dig in a little deeper. If you grow your own garlic, or otherwise know that it’s grown completely naturally, you can rest safe.

If you get your garlic cheaply at the grocery store, though, you may be at risk, either because it was grown in human feces (as some garlic grown in China is) or is bleached and/or fumigated with chemicals (as garlic is in many countries), or other unnatural shortcuts to the process of getting food to market.

Easy solution – make sure your garlic is local or organic. Problem solved!

And you want garlic in your diet – because it has so many health benefits! Consider the following benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial (sometimes referred to as “Russian penicillin,” it has the added advantage of only killing the harmful bacteria, and leaving the good stuff you want alone!)
  • Anti-cancer (researchers at South Carolina’s Medical University have found sulferic compounds in garlic can kill brain cancer cells without harming the healthy cells – you can read more about that crazy study here; other research has shown it can kill fourteen different types of cancer cells)
  • Anti-oxidant (and sprouted garlic is even more antioxidant – meaning garlic gets better for you as it gets older!)
  • Anti-inflammatory (again, sprouted garlic wins)
  • Cardiovascular health booster
  • Immune system booster

Learn more in the video below:

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