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AVOID At All Costs – Top Five Pesticide Soaked Fruits and Vegetables in Your Kitchen

The importance of organic food really can’t be downplayed, as the alternative is fruit and veg that is often literally saturated with pesticides.

The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen are lists put together by the Environmental Working Group,which highlight the most important way you can maximise the amount of organic produce you can get for your dollar, but organic produce is sometimes hard to come by, depending on where you live, and sadly, some families just can’t afford to buy all organic.

This list highlights the food that are the highest in terms of levels of pesticides found when tested.

When tested, four of the fruits and vegetables were found to have more than 45 different pesticide residues over large samples taken by the USDA, please bear this in mind the next time you think you are reaching for a ‘healthy’ snack.

Because of the high levels of pesticides found, it really is best to buy organic whenever you can.

Top of the list are strawberries, which may seem healthy at first glance but can actually be loaded with synthetic, toxic pesticides according to the EWG’s research. Pesticides with adverse effects on the brain and nervous system have been found in spades on strawberries, with 45  pesticide residues found by the PDP in 2009.
Organic strawberries are very expensive, but they can be bough for cheaper when they are in season, and frozen for later.

It is almost impossible to find organic American apples, as there is a lack of organic orchards. The remaining orchards we get our apples from are “conventional,” and worse still,  American apples were recently banned in Europe  by regulators. The USDA’s program found over 47 pesticide residues in a test in 2010. Sadly all the evidence points to apples being one of the most pesticide heavy fruits out there.

The soft skin of a peach unfortunately leaves it more susceptible to absorbing pesticides. A study in 2008 by the PDP found 62 different pesticide residues on regular peaches, with several of them being neurotoxins and known carcinogens. Even when washing the peach, you can’t undo the pesticides that have already seeped into the skin.

In a similar way to the peach, the soft skin of the nectarine also acts like a sponge which soaks up the pesticides through its skin.
According to the 2012 EWG report, nectarines were found to have the most pesticides in terms of weight than any other fruit or vegetable. Every time you bite into a nectarine you are possibly consuming scores of unknown toxins.

The USDA data shows that celery contains up to an many as 64 different pesticide residues, including 16 that are considered toxic to honeybees.
Celery is in the top 5 of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list in 2016, but ironically it is widely regarded as one of the healthy foods you can eat.
Organic celery not only contains none of these harmful pesticides, it tastes totally different due to the lack of unwanted toxins.

Most of these pesticide soaked fruits and veg are a stable of your average persons diet. Little do they know when they pick an innocent fruit from the supermarket there is a whole range of hidden unwanted extras lurking on the skin.

The only way to combat this is to buy organic, from a source you can reliably trust.

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