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The ‘Taxation Is Theft’ Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream

April is a month of hell for those who cannot stand taxation, and “tax day” lands on the 15th.

Those who pay taxes should also know when they are handing money to Uncle Sam, that they are funding the drug war and mass violence in the streets of America and the Middle East. A customer in a restaurant in Missouri left a waitress a “personal gift” and no tip. 

He wrote the popular slogan “Taxation is theft” in the tip area of the receipt. He didn’t leave it at just that, he had to make another note. The frugal customer adds: “This is not a tip. This is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes.”

Many progressive media outlets such as ATTN: reporting on this, it began to spark a debate (on wages in the food and service industry) with left-leaning reporters. They discussed how tips are taxable income, yet personal gifts under $13,000 aren’t subject to taxation. This means that even if someone spends a couple hundred dollars they won’t have to pay taxes as the IRS implies.

If the gift is well over $13,000, then that gift would be taxed. Its easier to tip with a lesson of how to legally bypass the rules to get a good tip, rather than what the federal government deems for a percentage. 

While this story begins to spark libertarians, be on the look out for progressive media outlets becoming complacent with the idea of taxation. We will know in time if they will make changes and go after the customer when a Democratic cabinet becomes the majority in Capitol Hill and Washington.

Will they fend for the average American or the wealthy corporate thugs? We’ll know in due time.

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