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The Natural Painkiller That Works Like Morphine That You Can Find In Your Backyard

Back in ancient times, herbal medicines were utilized for the common treatment of illnesses and injuries. 

Now, in modern times we are being pumped with drugs and losing awareness of how easily accessible these herbs are. Lactuca virosa or wild lettuce is an organic remedy that is grown in England and North America, which makes it easy to access. 

What is Wild Lettuce

It’s a natural remedy that has been found to have sedative and pain-relieving benefits.


Wild lettuce is linked to being a muscle relaxer and calms anxiety, even insomnia. This wonderful herb calms and relaxes muscles to aid with many other issues like:
  • Stress-induced indigestion
  • Cramps and spasms
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Coughs
Drinking tea with wild lettuce can even work to prevent these problems above. Drink it daily!

Reducing Pain

Wild lettuce has been linked to relieving muscle pains, menstrual cramps, and other inflamed body tissue. Its been nicknamed opium lettuce because of its similar numbing effects to opiates, yet it isn’t habit-forming or a threat to your health. So, if you choose to consume the leaves, you’ll be safe to do so. 

How to Use Wild Lettuce

Use dried leaves to receive the most medical benefits. Leaves are best harvested in July-August. There ate also dried versions you can get if you don’t have some in your backyard. It changes its color based on the changes in season, which means this is a biennial plant.

The plant could either have just leaves or a yellow flower and grow up to about 7 feet. There hasn’t been enough research to find what is a safe dose, about a 2-4ml tincture about three times a day, or 1-2 teaspoons of dried leaves in boiling water to blend the nutrients into the water. Consume this drink about 3 times a day. 

When applied topically to the skin, it can cause a reaction which requires you to utilize care when using as a topical solution. Before consuming, conduct a small patch test.

Some people can’t have wild lettuce if they:

• Are allergic to ragweed and similar plants,
• Have glaucoma
• Are going into surgery
• Are pregnant
• Have an enlarged prostate

Natural Remedies Vs. Painkillers

The healing process is greatly improved when natural remedies are used, whereas painkillers only treat symptoms instead of the whole entire issue. Natural remedies will do your body more good than harm unlike prescription pain killers. 

Fight Your Problem Naturally

Using natural herbs will help the body heal itself, as herbs go right towards the problem while chemicals harm the body, and cause more health concerns. Utilizing all-natural remedies can help cure the problem than increase bodily damage. 

Killing More Than Just The Pain

All painkillers have loads of harmful side effects, and all you need to do is watch a commercial to hear it. Opiods work to relieve pain by altering how the brain functions. It builds up a tolerance, meaning you will need higher dosages which increase your chance for overdosing. Addiction is a huge problem as people become so addicted to these painkillers over time, that they end up going through withdrawal symptoms.Also, opioids cause memory loss because it damages the brain to alleviate pain. Taking natural remedies instead of drugs is one way to avoid long-term bodily damage. 

If you need another reason to try herbal remedies, painkillers taken over a long period of time quadruple your chances of ulcers, giving you more pain to worry about and heal from. 


One of the best reasons to use wild lettuce is because it numbs pain and by not introducing new complications to the equation. The side benefit is that it grows in your yard, rather than from your cold medicine cabinet.

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