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The Flu Shot Is The Most Defective Vaccine Ever Made – Here’s Proof!

Believe it or not, the most devastating form of chemical violence is the vaccines we subject our society to. Taken annually, the flu vaccine is by far, the most dangerous one in the world. 

In every month, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) data is updated on vaccine injury compensation. There are statistics that will alarm you, that have been added over the past decade. This vaccine is dangerous in the United States due to the CDC and government , encourage and even push all citizens, pregnant women and senior citizens, to be poked and prodded with neurotoxins annually. According to the Department of Health and Human services (DHHS), yearly sales extend to 134 million doses, and the combined total is actually less than 200 million doses.

Since 2006, over one billion doses of the flu vaccine had been distributed, accounting for about sixty percent of vaccines. About nearly sixty percent of children in the U.S. get this vaccine shot annually, and forty-three percent of adults (senior citizens included). Every Vaccine manufacturer in America has been granted full legal immunity for any harm caused by their products. This still goes on even though a certain array of flu vaccines given to children in America, still contains roughly over 50,000 pbb of mercury. In June 2014, it was the flu vaccine that had been proven to be the most dangerous vaccine in America, when just about over seventy percent of the vaccine injury cases (55 out of 78) had been settled for the vaccine, including one death. Most of these settlements were for Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome. Other health conditions included are: Bell’s Palsy, Narcolepsy, Transverse Myelitis. Other horrifying chronic health conditions are permanent. 

There are absolutely no long-term studies or testing done on the safety of the influenza vaccine

The flu vaccine is an experiment solution given to few hundred million people annually and so forth. There are no studies that prove this shot is safe, and it even goes as far to tell you on the vaccine warnings and ingredients insert (which no one ever reads) that you should not get more than one flu vaccine in your life. Read for yourself here. Every day, innocent American’s are being killed or injured by vaccines, including the Flu shot. It is a very cold and shocking fact that has been reported daily by the Department of Justice. If a loved one or yourself is injured or dies from the chemicals within the vaccine, such as formaldehyde, aluminum, genetically-modified bacteria, mercury (shown as Thimerosal), combined-virus strains, or sodium chloride, you can in fact sue the Federal Government. You can have your case tried in the Vaccine Court that has funds in excess of $3 billion taxpayer dollars, which were added together from the profits off vaccines. If you even win, they use that taxpayer money to shut you up altogether. A settlement can take years before it can be reached. The good news, is that the majority of cases handled in the Court are Flu shot cases, so you would have decent chance to be heard. 

Flu shot death cases settled with taxpayer profits from flu shot sales

In the report for March 2016, about 108 vaccine injury cases had been settled, three of those cases were for death— two by the vaccine. Of the 108 cases that were settled, 88 were for death and injuries sustained from the flu shot making it out to actually being the most dangerous vaccine in America. It has killed and injured a lot more people than any other vaccine combined. Watch the video on the lack of regard and vaccine safety here.

The flu vaccine has never been subjected to scientific clinical trials

On the insert that comes with the flu vaccine, the manufacturers readily admit that there have been “no controlled trials.” They are openly telling our doctors and nurses that there has yet to be a successful scientific clinical trial. it is beyond erroneous, especially since the CDC is now going so far as to recommending it to pregnant women and infants. These vaccines, to this day, still contain large amounts mercury. In fact, Mercury is actually the most dangerous substance to ever be found on our planet, that is far from safe at any level.

One of the most popular flu vaccines, Fluluval, explains that there was no scientifically controlled-trials that conveyed any decrease in influenza after vaccination. Its a blatantly obvious confession, right on the insert, that the Flu shot market is all a fraud. While this goes on, propaganda ensues. The CDC has even gone so far to cajole Americans to take the shot, while admitting it won’t work, “just to be safe”— which tells the opposite of the truth in this matter.

As the percentage of Americans vaccinated with flu shots rises, so do the statistics of injury with compensation.

The vaccine doses distributed throughout the United States are eight times higher than they were in the 1980’s. Not so good. On top of all this, the percentage of vaccinated Americans has increased in almost every single age group, including pregnant mothers, infants and the elderly. These are the statistics according to the CDC and National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).

CDC propaganda, lies and the mind-blowing statistics of American “sheeple” who fall for it all

Why are there many people so terrified of the flu when the vaccine for it, kills and injures more people? The answer to that, is they have no exact idea. The media never speaks openly about it. All Americans see is the constant propaganda that the vaccine industry, and the CDC shoves down our throats. The flu shot is also shockingly free! Want to know exactly why? Well, here are some of the popular lies propaganda provides that are perpetuated by the mainstream media: 

“An annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to reduce your risk of getting sick”

“When more people get vaccinated against the flu, less flu can spread”

Here are the true facts: The Flu vaccine is free cause it spreads disease and makes the industry lots of money. Don’t want to believe it? The flu virus can spread by the person given the vaccine, for up to exactly two weeks independent research states. The carriers are called “shedders.” The common side effect of receiving the flu shot is becoming sick. The reason? well, the chemical adjuvants along with the virus itself can actually hurt the immune system. While your immune system is breaking down, it can cause these symptoms: muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, shortness of breath and even headaches. If you are on the borderline of being diabetic or have asthma, watch out for this vaccine. People who are carrying the virus (shedders) are sick at least a day prior before exhibiting any symptoms, then for another week after becoming sick.

Here’s a big question. Do vaccines, like MMR and the influenza, cause Autism by any chance? Well, to know this, watch this well-informed video that is narrated by Rob Schneider. So, what is exactly the ending solution to all this madness with vaccines? Heath Ranger who is a lead scientist at CWC Labs, and Mike Adams said it best in an article recently: “Eliminate blanket legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers. Why should vaccine manufacturers enjoy absolute legal immunity when they are making defective products that are being forced onto citizens against their will? This situation is absurd and intolerable in any free or just society. 

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