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The Black Healing Salve Amish People Have Used For Centuries To Treat Almost Any Skin Problem

While there are plenty of less natural options out there, we’re here with a skin healing salve the Amish have used for centuries. Read on to learn more, including how to make it!

The black healing salve ointment used by the Amish is a mixture of natural remedies, including essential oils, wax, and tar/activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is one of the main ingredients of this ointment, and used for the treatment of minor skin issues, it has proven out to be quite effective, helping the skin heal faster and return to its healthy status.

All sort of minor skin issues, such as burns and rashes, can be successfully treated with the help of this wonderful ointment. In the Amish community, it is known as “Hilla schemer” or the “healing smear,” being used for the removal of toxins and also of foreign objects, such as wooden or metal splinters, from the skin.

Black healing salve can also be used to heal boils, as it draws the pus to the surface and stimulates the faster healing of the skin. It is recommended for the removal of thorns and glass shards, as well as for the treatment of cystic acne and insect/spider bites.

If you have had a nasty encounter with poison ivy or oak, you can use black healing salve with confidence. Ingrown toenails can be treated with this natural remedy as well.

Note, though, that this is not the same black salve that sometimes shows up in skin cancer searches. That black salve is quite controversial, and has yet to be proven effective. In that case, the black salve refers to natural corrosive agents known as echarotics.

That disclaimer made, let’s learn how to make the Amish salve!


  • Castor oil (1/2 c) – anti-inflammatory, skin moisturizing, reduces acne
  • Coconut oil (1/2 c) – anti-inflammatory, skin moisturizing, antibacterial, antiseptic, stimulates the faster healing of the skin
  • Activated charcoal (3 teaspoons) – pulls out toxins and foreign bodies from the level of the skin; reduces stinging sensation in case of poison ivy/insect bites
  • Bentonite clay (3 teaspoons) – similar benefits to activated charcoal; ensures the non-greasy consistency of the product
  • Beeswax (2 teaspoons) – improves the overall texture, plus it acts as binding agent
  • Calendula oil (10 drops) – anti-inflammatory, skin moisturizing, antibacterial, stimulates the faster healing of the skin.


  • Take a large bowl and mix the bentonite clay with the activated charcoal and essential oils.
  • Melt the beeswax and mix it with the calendula oil, using a double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, you can place a glass bowl over a pot of hot water, and it will serve the same purpose.
  • Mix the melted wax with the other ingredients, pour the resulting mixture into a glass jar (airtight) and allow it to cool.
  • Note: always store in an air-tight glass jar, for the ingredients to maintain the same level of efficiency. Keep the jar away from direct sunlight and use it for several weeks without worries.

In conclusion, Black healing salve is a wonderful natural remedy, one that has its roots in the Amish community but is popular all over the world nowadays. It is recommended for minor skin issues, pulling out toxins, foreign bodies and helping one deal with acne. It should never be confused with the more potent black salve, which contains zinc and bloodroot, being recommended as a controversial treatment for skin cancer.

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