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The Best Marriage Advice from a Divorced Woman

From a woman, now divorced after seven years of marriage, consider these tips. 

These are the biggest tips I’d give other women about to get married, so they can learn from my experiences.

1. Seek the best in your partner. Don’t get stuck dwelling on the negatives.

2. Make regular sex a priority. Intimacy is important.

3. Seek out advice from others who have been there before. Trust the older women in your family and friend circles.

4. Encouraging him to be his best is not the same as trying to fix or change him. Accept him for who he is while also helping him be his best self.

5. Don’t take for granted that he chose you.

6. Laugh. Even when it’s not funny, laugh. Laughter heals so many ailments in a relationship.

7. Take responsibility for your actions – and help him do the same. Accountability is a must in a solid relationship.

8. Love him in his love language. How he needs to be loved may not be the same way you need to be loved.

9. Be present.

10. Consider advice you read on the internet with a grain of sand. Do they know you? Exactly.

11. Be vulnerable with each other, and transparent. There’s no better way to build trust – and there’s no better way to erode trust than keeping secrets.

12. Don’t be afraid to apologize…or to ask for an apology when one is warranted.

13. Praise in public, critique in private – and only when necessary. Once corrected, let it go.

14. Find common ground and grow together.

15. Be transparent in your finances with each other.

If you can keep those fifteen tips at the center of your marriage, you’ll have every opportunity to succeed. Treasure the small things!

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