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The Benefits of Hugelkultur…The Gardening Secret You’ve Never Heard of Before!

Hugelkutur is a type of raised bed, excellent for many things such as holding moisture, allowing fertility, maximizing space and loads of other things. 

Pronounced hoo-gul-culture it’s a type of gardening that can be very beneficial. The name means ‘hill-culture’ or ‘hill mound.’ The practice of hugelculture makes use of dead trees and branches, leaves and grass clippings by recycling them. 

To build a hugel bed you must mound all yards waste, compos or any other waste you may have. Top the compound with soil and than start planting in it. 

The advantage that comes with this method is through the use of wood in the mound. The gradual decay of this wood provides long-term nutrients for plants. By using hardwood, a single mound can supply plants nutrients for over 20 years. The wood also generates heat, which allows for a longer, productive growing season.

As long as the waste and branches break down the soil aeration will increase. 

The logs and branches also act sort of like sponges. When it is dry they store water to be released when needed. 

Usually the season will supply you with more than enough rainwater as the hugel bed store water. so you never really to water it. 

Wood that is best used in hugel beds would be;

aspen, birch, alder,  cottonwood, maple, oak, poplar and dead willow will all work wonders!

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The Benefits of Hugelkultur…The Gardening Secret You’ve Never Heard of Before! The Benefits of Hugelkultur...The Gardening Secret You've Never Heard of Before! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 14:20:00 Rating: 5