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The 8 Facts About the Blood Types Everyone Should Know

Humans are born with one of 4 blood types, A, B, AB or O. 

Blood experts say that every blood type has its very own traits. 

1. Blood type and offsprings

If the woman is RH- and the man is RH+ at conceiving, the child will be born possibly with health problems. 85 percent of humans in the world are RH+.

2. Blood type and diseases

Depending on body health, each blood type can be less or more susceptible to health issues.

3. blood type and diet

You should have your blood type tested so that you know what is good for your diet and what isn’t. For an example, Type O needs more meat and fish in their diet, A needs more veggies, AB requires lean meats and seafood, while B needs more red meat. 

4. Blood antigens

Blood antigens is found within the lungs, nostrils, mouth, colon, blood and Gastro-intestinal tract. 

5. Blood type and stress

Believe it or not, type O people need more rest than actual sleep

6. Blood type and weight

Those with type O blood tend to have more fat in the stomach area, while type A is found to have no issues with fat. 

7. Blood type and pregnancy

Apparently, your blood type has a lot to do with the birthing process. Women that have type AB have an easier time giving birth and produce less follicle-hormones. 

8. Blood type and urgencies

When it comes to life-saving blood transfusions, your blood type is critical. O type Rh- can donate blood to any type in the blood spectrum. Type AB can receive any type of blood for a transfusion.

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