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THC-A Crystalline: The World’s Strongest Hash With 99.99% THC

Cannabis extractions have become more advanced than ever in the last ten years. 

From butane hash oil (BHO) to clear distillate, growers and extractors have transformed cannabis into a sticky, pure resin. Now, however, extractors have taken things to the next level. THC-A crystalline, is the strongest hash in the world.

What is THC-A crystalline?

Southern Californian extractors have introduced THC products onto the market with 99.9% of THC. This purified resin is white in appearance and slightly powdery, like fine small rocks. In contrast, most of the competing types of concentrate on the market tap out at about 80 percent. In terms of psychoactivity, THC-A crystalline is very potent due to its high THC concentration. 

Alongside other concentrates, it’s recommended to dab or ingest THC-A crystalline. THC-A crystalline doesn’t have THC exactly in it, Rather, THC-A is the raw acid form of the molecule. In raw form, THC-A is not psychoactive at all. You can convert THC-A into psychoactive THC by heating it up.

The THC-A crystalline experience

You will have a different experience with this pure THC concentrate than from smoking an extraction with a “lower potency.” It gives off an energetic, clear-headed high. It is less-processed so its effects will be much more uplifting. Being a pure THC concentrate, crystalline has no synergistic cannabinoids or terpenoids that other cannabis products have in them. Research on it has advised that it is the interaction with various chemical compounds in marijuana that defies the experience. 

It is being said that Myrcene, the terpene in musky, mango aroma in various strains, is somewhat the reason behind its sedative effects. It is also being proved in research hat terrines contain pain-relieving and anxiolytic properties. CBD crystallines and THC are potent, but not as many cannabis products. 

What can THC-A crystalline be used for?

It has faced constant criticism over its look and potency, as it looks like methamphetamine and cocaine all in powder form. Some would say it looks crazy, but this healthy extract has many medical purposes.

THC-A crystalline helps to ensure careful dosing of THC. Being a pure extraction, patients can get the right dose by keeping track of the amount used. 

For an example, crystalline ensures that you are aware of the amount you have consumed. It provides quick relief to medical illnesses in those who reap benefits in consuming high levels of THC. In fact, the skincare industry and edibles could enjoy crystallines purity because cannabis-infused products will be dosed just right.

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THC-A Crystalline: The World’s Strongest Hash With 99.99% THC THC-A Crystalline: The World's Strongest Hash With 99.99% THC Reviewed by Jamm Real on 01:10:00 Rating: 5