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Tesla’s 70 MW Gigafactory to Be Powered with Largest Solar Rooftop Array in the World

The worlds’s largest Gigafactory is powered by solar energy, of course.Tesla has shocked the world with its huge lithium-ion battery factory in Nevada. It is powered by a 70-megawatt solar roof. 

This building is considered to be the world’s largest building that runs on generated clean, renewable energy. Its solar array is 7x bigger than the average installed solar roof in the world. 

These solar powered panels are delivered from the company Solar City, says the Verge, which Tesla bought in November 2016. Electrek released a handout, in it, Tesla says its Powerpack batteries are made solely from solar energy, making the factory run efficiently and completely free of carbon emission output. Tesla says they could end up making an over abundance of energy than whats needed. 

Water and heating is also said to be accessible and sustainable within the Gigafactory. Literature from Tesla says,“Gigafactory’s closed-loop water supply system uses six different treatment systems to efficiently re-circulate about 1.5 million liters (that’s around 400,000 gallons) of water, representing an 80 percent reduction in fresh water usage compared with standard processes.”

This is perfect for being place in a desert, and this isn’t the whole plan Tesla has. They are opening a recycling plant to safely recycle battery packs, cells, and modules to retain metal for newly built cells. Another company that utilizes solar energy is Whirlpool Corporation’s Regional Distribution Center in Perris, California. It uses 10 megawatts, and and one other in India uses 11.5 megawatts. When compared, they are similar to Tesla’s solar factory. 

Elon Musk has made a lot of creative projects, like Space X, and now the Gigafactory stands to be the most eco-sustaining projects done by a corporation in the United states. Tesla assures they reneger pursuing the use of fossil fuels in its gigafactory, and will only powered by the solar topping. Investors were able to see a tour of the Gigafactory recently, but weren’t able to see Tesla’s Model 3 Battery Pack that was on their hand out.

It was confirmed by Tesla last week that new 2170 battery cells will be included in Model 3 battery packs by the 2nd quarter of 2017. By then, the company could have even greater news to share with us. Stay tuned!

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