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Sweden is recycling so much trash, it’s running out

Sweden has become so successful at recycling it’s own waste that it is running out.

They have managed to transform their waste program to accommodate the burning of waste. They have transformed the way they get rid of their waste to such an extent that only 1 per cent of it ends up in landfill sites, and they have even found a way to transform the remaining polluting gas into biofuel.

Sweden recycles 1.5 billion bottles and cans a year, which is a staggering amount in relation to the population of about 9.6 million (in 2013).

There are 32 of these new recycling plants in Sweden which transform rubbish into energy, and they are burning through it so fast that they have run out of trash to keep the plants going. They have started to import trash from the UK, Italy, Norway, and Ireland.

Swedish Waste Management communications director Anna-Carin Gripwell has said burning it is better for the environment than letting it sit there, “When waste sits in landfills, leaking methane gas and other greenhouse gasses, it is obviously not good for the environment.”

“We feel that we have responsibility to act responsibly in this area and try to reduce our ecological footprint,” states Per Bolund, Swedish Finance and Consumption Minister.  “The consumers are really showing that the want to make a difference and what we’re trying to do from the government’s side is to help them act, making it easier to behave in a sustainable way.”

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