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Standing Rock Camp Being Sprayed With “Chemical Agents” By Low Flying Aircrafts At Night

The struggles of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, as well as their support if water protectors are facing ever increasing police brutality, with new reports including the deployment of chemical weapons.

Clair Bernish wrote for The Free Thought Project, the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance movement “isn’t environmental activism; it’s preservation of life, protection of a living entity — the Missouri River and Lake Oahe reservoir — as real as flesh, or plant, or animal. Opposing a potential threat of oil contamination to that water would never be a question — the Missouri has sustained generations and must sustain those to come.”

Pipeline similar to the Dakota Access pipeline are known to break easily, although it is rarely reported in the media, Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P., the company trying to take over Energy Transfer Partners (the company building the DAPL), has had 200 known pipeline spills since 2010

Robert F Kennedy Jr. echoed this fact when he was interviewed recently at Standing Rock, although he is focusing his efforts on the illegalities that allowed the pipeline to begin to be built in the first place.

Some of the newest reports of the police brutality have included grenades, tear gas, pepper spray, and more were used on the water protectors, resulting in awful injuries. A young woman was shot in the head with a rubber bullet, and is thought to have suffered serious brain damage, and one man had a grand mal seizure after being shot in the stomach with rubber bullets..

A woman named Sophia Wilansky is at risk of losing her arm as a grenade tore off her flesh.

The reports coming through are scarce, but watching this might give you a better idea of what is going on at the site.

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