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Sobering Fact: The Top Investors for Both Facebook and Monsanto are Virtually Identical

Stocks from Monsanto Corporation are owned by 12 wealthy shareholders, which translates to a small group of wealthy elites hiding themselves behind the power of influential organizations that hold sway over our food supply. 

A lot of people are in the dark about the fact that about half of major shareholders have invested into Facebooks stocks. Facebook is a popular mainstream social media site. In the United States, 71% of adults had an account with the social media giant. We all utilize Facebook to find news that isn’t reported in our media, and to share information to each other. 

It creates a conflict of interest when we have small groups of people holding sway over information and our food supply. In 2013, Facebook was caught deleting, blocking and censoring photos and data that pertain to GMO activism, from an event page for March Against Monsanto. In 2015, an article from Natural Society exploiting the DARK Act was blocked on Facebook when vital information could have overturned the progress on the anti-GMO label bill. 

How intertwined is Monsanto and Facebook’s investors and what could be the ripple effect on activism in social media pertaining to GMOs. GMOs are banned in many countries and 60 have strict, mandatory GMO labeling laws. Let’s take a look at the shareholders for both corporations.

Facebook and Monsanto: The Rabbit Hole Goes Deep 

Research has revealed that both corporations are closely tied to their shareholders, and how deep their relationship is. Vanguard Group Inc. is the top shareholder for Monsanto and number 2 for Facebook.

Vanguard is an investment company, that also happens to be invested in John Deere, a heavy equipment company that is contracted with the agriculture industry says Activist Dr. Vandana Shiva. John Deere and Monsanto are co-oped together to make ‘smart tractors’ that come with a GPS antenna and many tech advancements that retrieve data. 

Monsanto is striving very hard to crack down on technology as consumers and farmers who have swayed from using GMOs and “conventional” chemical products. They are taking initiative in an effort to gain more contracts from farmers.“All food production and consumption, from seed to data [is] under the control of a handful of investors,” wrote Dr. Shiva.

The eighth largest shareholder for Monsanto and fifth largest for Facebook, BlackRock Advisors LLC is also an investment company that deems GMOs good “innovation” and shame organic agriculture activists by naming them “techno pessimists” in a 2014 report. Another shocker, there are other shareholders that claim shares from both corporations. 

These investment companies also donate money in mass sums to the banking sector, which gives them a giant stronghold. Especially, as politicians are bribed by corporations giving these shareholders power. These bought out politicians even went to extreme lengths by promoting past employees of Monsanto to high positions in government. 

It’s becoming ever so apparent that that they hold massive amounts of power over Facebook, which is a huge information hub for many. Even though it is free and easily accessible, Facebook isn’t the only social media site on the web.

“Smart Tractors from John Deere, used on farms growing patented Monsanto seed, sprayed and damaged using Bayer chemicals, with soil and climate data owned and sold by Monsanto, beamed to the farmer’s cellphone from Reliance, logged in as your Facebook profile, on land owned by The Vanguard Group. Every step of every process right up until the point you pick something up off a supermarket shelf will be determined by the interests of the same shareholders,” says Dr. Shiva.

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Sobering Fact: The Top Investors for Both Facebook and Monsanto are Virtually Identical Sobering Fact: The Top Investors for Both Facebook and Monsanto are Virtually Identical Reviewed by Jamm Real on 18:09:00 Rating: 5