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Shocking Health Benefits Of Corn Silk That You Didn’t Know !! ( Must Know )

Corn silk is a hair-like thin layer that covers corn. 

It’s found within the outer covering of the corn. Often times, people will throw them in the trash, even though they are beneficial. There are some health benefits of corn silk:

Prevents kidney stones:

Corn silk has been used since the ancient years to aid in the prevention of kidney stones. These are from the build-up of crystals in the kidneys. Corn silk can effectively aid in urination to prevent crystal accumulation. It won’t, however, get rid of the stone already within the kidney. 

Assists in blood clotting:

Containing vitamin K, corn silk ensures your blood has a clotting factor to prevent loss of large amounts of blood. Corn silk essentially protects you when you have cuts or wounds. 

Controls blood sugar: 

Corn silk has been studied and it was discovered that it can help to stabilize blood sugar levels. It aids in the production of insulin and boosts repairing of damaged cells within the pancreas (where insulin is made). 

Control cholesterol:

It helps to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol keeping you from many heart issues. Eating corn silk will essentially provide you cardiac benefits. 

Diuretic properties:

Corn silk has properties that help in the elimination of body waste and excessive toxins and fluids in the body. This in turn, prevents your risk for urinary tract infections (UTI) and cardiovascular diseases. 

How To Consume Corn Silk?

Corn silk can’t be drank as it is, and to benefit from it, you will need to boil water with corn silk together. Serve it cold or hot with lemon juice as an extra additive to produce more taste. Put the corn silk in a jar in sunlight for a whole day. When night comes, add in honey to the drink solution. Make sure you purchase organic corn for this drinks, that way you avoid consuming insecticides. 

NOTE: Avoid consuming excessive amounts of corn silk. Always seek advice from your doctor before consuming corn silk while pregnant, as it can cause miscarriages.

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