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Scientists Discovered The Optimum Dose Of Weed

There is a question that runs through our minds, and that is: How much weed is too much? 

Your answer depends on the person you ask for the answer. Many who smoke too much use terms such as ‘greening out’ to describe the reaction they feel. While some may say you’ll never get enough of the herb, a recent academic study was published by the Journal of Alcohol and Drug Dependence claiming that they know the answer.

The magic number

The Journal reported that 7.5 mg of THC is the best dose to provide stress relief and relaxation. Researchers say any dose higher will increase the chance of negatively altering your overall mood. The study focused on 42 healthy volunteers and they were placed in stressful scenarios, and then were given an easy, stress-less task. 

They were split into a placebo group, a 12.5 mg of THC group, and a 7.5 mg of THC group. Vital signs, cortisol levels and mood was measured to only find that, “7.5mg THC significantly reduced self-reported subjective distress after the TSST (Trier Social Stress Test) and attenuated post-task appraisals of the TSST as threatening and challenging.” 

Different results came out of the 12.5 mg THC group, “By contrast, 12.5mg THC increased negative mood overall i.e., both before and throughout the tasks. It also impaired TSST performance and attenuated blood pressure reactivity to the stressor.”

One dose does not fit all

A major obstacle in the push for marijuana legalization is within the realm of dosage requirements for the effects to occur. It has been cited by federal agencies who are in opposition of legalization of the herb. It is a step ahead, and 7.5 mg of THC is a minor dose, and so is 12,5 mg as well when in comparison to THC that’s sold in legal dispensaries.

NBC News reports that,“in Colorado’s legal bud, the average THC level is 18.7 percent, and some retail pot contains 30 percent THC or more.” 

It essentially means that with one or two hits of pot is a higher dose than the 12.5 mg negative mood inducing dose the study revealed.

In a comment on the study’s revealings, High Times say, “Study participants were dosed with THC Capsules-meaning pure THC, no other cannabinoids, no terpenes. As has been demonstrated time and again, cannabis’ net effect on the body and brain has everything to do with the other constituent cannabinoids present, as well as the strain’s terpene content.”

The study didn’t even recognize the users high tolerance to marijuana. With them, 7.5 mg of THC isn’t going to get them high. 

It’s all on you

Finally, it all depends on you to determine what dose is too much for you and that isn’t. In fact, women get high faster than men do after smoking.

Women tend to also have a tolerance before men will. This is all due to women having a higher body fat content that THC can be stored in. Your metabolism also matters in determining what dose is best for you.

Now you know how much cannabis is good for you, if not, have fun searching what dose works for you.


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