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Scientists At Harvard Find Protein In Blood That Reverses Aging

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Because when we first read about this new study, we really couldn’t believe it could be true – but it is, and it may be the fountain of youth when it comes to cardiovascular health.

In particular, two researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) have recently identified a protein in the blood of mice which can help hearts reverse their aging, effectively making old hearts new again.

The protein, GDF-11, was injected into old mice, where it shrunk the old mouse hearts’ walls in both size and thickness, so they more effectively resembled the hearts of young, healthy mice. This is important for our understanding of cardiovascular health, because one of the biggest contributors to failing hearts is simply the thickening of heart walls that occurs naturally as we age. This protein could prove instrumental in reversing that damage.

A finding by Richard T. Lee, a Harvard Medical School professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Amy Wagers, a professor in Harvard’s Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, ultimately may rewrite our understanding of aging.

“The most common form of heart failure [in the elderly] is actually a form that’s not caused by heart attacks but is related to the heart aging,” said Lee.” In this study, we were able to show a protein circulating in the blood is related to the problem, and if we gave older mice this protein, we could reverse the heart aging in a short period.”

“In this study, we compared young and old animals and identified a substance in the blood present at high levels when you’re young, and lower levels when you’re old. We further found when we supplemented the low levels of this substance present in old animals to the levels normally seen in youth, this could have a dramatic effect on the heart. 

It’s been observed for many, many years that when aging occurs it affects multiple body system sort of in a semi-synchronous way,” Wagers said, “and this suggests there may be some common signal that drives the body’s response to getting older. We hypothesized that this common signal might be a substance traveling in the bloodstream, because the bloodstream accesses organs throughout the body.”

For more information, check out the video below:

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