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Richard Branson: Why You Smoke Weed With Your Kids (Best Dad Ever?)

When you really want success in your life, you have to change how you see and do things. Follow successful people and learn from them in how they handle success. 

Any entrepreneur seeking greatness most likely follows on one of the wealthiest cannabis loving CEO’s in the world, Sir Richard Branson. 

At a convention of beginner entrepreneurs, the 66-year old conveyed to them more than advice on business, but on marijuana too. 

Pot parenting advice

Virgin Group CEO and founder, Richard Branson, spoke about some parenting tips at the McCormick Place in Chicago this past week. It all began when Stephen Kelly, Sage CEO, questioned Branson on how he taught values to his children. Well, that opened a can of worms. Branson commented “if they’re going to have a joint, do it with them. Don’t let them sneak off and do it on their own.”

Branson, who is on the Global Drug Commission, has held a long belief drugs are “a health problem and not a criminal problem.” He also speaks out vocally for his occasional favorite indulgence. In 2007, he explained that he was with his son, Sam, on holiday vacation in Australia, where he bonded over Marijuana. “I went with my son on his gap year. We had some nights where we laughed our heads off for eight hours. I don’t think smoking the occasional spliff is all that wrong. I’d rather my son did it in front of me than behind closed doors.”

Building a brand on rock n’ roll

Branson has a love for cannabis and it is no secret. Branson says Keith Richards was the man who taught him how to roll up a joint. He shared his own story of how he first made success with owning his own airline. Stuck waiting on a lane in Puerto Rico, his idea for Virgin Atlantic Airways became a reality. He had rented a jet so his fellow passengers and him, could go to their next destination. It was the next day, when he had phone-called Boeing. Owning a record label that had The Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, and Phil Collins, he asked: “I’d like to know if you have any second-hand 747s.” The rest is history. 

Richard Branson: Outspoken advocate

Branson is an advocate for legalization of marijuana. Along with a thousand of other big names, such as, Bernie Sanders, Warren Buffett, and others called on the UN to make revisions in the War on Drugs earlier this year. Canada and Mexico have both pledged they would legalize recreational use of cannabis.

Branson also has stated that he would rather sell legalized marijuana in his virgin stores in 2001, but would decline in selling tobacco, which he deems too harmful than cannabis. When he writes articles for Virgin, about the successes of legalized cannabis in states like Colorado and Washington. “As a vocal critic of the failed global war on drugs, I am always eager to learn from those places that are bold enough to experiment with different approaches to drug policy.”

If successful and world renowned people such as Richard Branson say we have an issue, shouldn’t we be taking notes and listening?

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