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Remove THESE 6 Foods To Fight Inflammation!

Chronic inflammation has been linked to most of America’s deadliest diseases, but fortunately, we’re here with tips to help you avoid the most inflammation-inducing foods!

Check out these six worst offenders when it comes to inflammation:

#1 – Fried Foods

High temperature cooking sparks the formation of advanced glycation end products. Your body treats these compounds as foreign and responds with – yup, you guessed it – inflammation. 

After all, inflammation is simply your body’s response to a perceived infection.
Think about that the next time you feel like biting into a piece of fried chicken or shoving French fries into your mouth.

#2 – The Three ‘Ps’

By the three P’s, we mean processed, packaged, and prepared. Because these foods tend to contain a ton of additives, they’re not things you want to eat. Avoid them!

#3 – Vegetable Oil

In particular, vegetable oils such as corn, soy, and sunflower are high in omega-6 fatty acids, which have been linked to inflammation. Olive oil, which is high in the much better omega-3 fatty acids, is a much better choice.

#4 – White Bread

In particular, the refined carbohydrates mean your body makes glucose almost instantaneously, rather than as a slow, drawn-out process, which aids inflammation. 

Conversely, whole grain breads are digested slowly, and some studies have linked whole grain breads to lowered risks of inflammation.

#5 – Cow’s Milk

Traditional cow’s milk is full of lactose and related proteins, both of which have been linked to inflammation – and skim milk is not any better than whole.

#6 – Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the worst inflammatory factors. Just leave it alone!

If you’re looking for some quick tips on inflammation, check out this video:

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