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Remove Skin Tags, Corns, Warts Without Scarring, Bleeding Or Pain

Fibromas are harmless skin growths, and tumors in the connective tissue. 

Their appearance is in the shape of a small nodule, and vary between a few millimeters to a centimeter. Usually, they have similar color to your skin and can have a bright skin pigment. Changes aren’t exactly aggressive, but in time they become visible to see, and turning into a aesthetic issue. 

They are common in areas where skin contact is rubbing, such as your armpits, neck, groin, feet, eyelids, stomach and can appear in other places on your face. They can stir up issues in the areas where you skin has consistent contact with, and cause inflammation and pain there. 

There isn’t much knowledge out there to point out the reasons why they appear in those areas, but generally its found to be in your genetics. There is good news to all this; You can remove them without risking scarring or bleeding from your skin. Use malic acid. Malic acid is commonly found in apple cider vinegar and apples.

As an energy booster, it can also be a pain reliever and treats muscle soreness from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. When it comes to exfoliation skincare products, malic acid is an additive used in them. It is found to be easily absorbed into the skin due to chemical composition. 

Caution! Malic acid shouldn’t ever be used for fibroma removals from the eye lid.


This is a very effective method. Here’s how:

1. Carefully wash the place around fibroma with water and mild soap. During the first time, soak the fibroma in water for about 15 minutes. You can do this by putting a soaked cotton on it, or perform the following after a good shower.

2. Dry it.

3. Soak a piece of cotton with apple cider vinegar and then lightly squeeze it to remove the excess vinegar.

4. Place it directly on the fibroma and fix it with a plaster or bandage. Leave it for 15 minutes, then remove and rinse with water.

5. Repeat three times a day for several days, up to one week. Fibromas should first become dark, form a crust, dry out and ultimately fall off.

6. Depending on the fibroma size or how deep it is in the skin, it may cause minor skin damage (a little hole), so marigold grease or aloe vera gel should be applied on the skin to allow it to heal.

If the fibroma isn’t deep into the skin, there won’t be any scarring if the procedure is done carefully.


Castor oil is effective at removing corns, warts and skin tags. All you need is a cotton wool soaked in castor oil. Press the excess out. Place the soaked cotton on the skin blemish, and secure it in place with a band-aid. Duct tape is also used by other people, as it works just as well as a bandaid. Castor oil is found to soften the warts, tags and corns and all within a couple days, and come off with no scarring. 

Remove the bandaid and change it every day until your achieved result occurs.

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