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Pyramids Of Glass Submerged In The Bermuda Triangle

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With the help of sonar technology, underwater geometric shapes were found at 2,000 meters. Studies of other structures like Yonaguni in modern day Japan, have helped scientists determine that the two giant pyramidal structures are really intriguing. Each one is larger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. 

Recently, American and French scientists as well as other countries that are conducting surveys in areas of the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle, claim to have found a pyramid standing upright on the seabed that has never been discovered.

The length of the base of this pyramid is 300 meters, 200 meters height, and distance from base to the tip of the pyramid is about 100 meters above the sea floor.

On top of the pyramid there are two large holes, where sea water at high speed move through the second hole, and therefore the raging waves roll by forming a giant vortex that makes surrounding water cause a huge surge wave and mist on the surface.

This new discovery makes scientists think this could be having an affect on traveling boats and planes. This could be the reason for all the mystery surrounding the area.

Built on Land – Lost During Last Pole Shift?

Many Western scholars argue that the pyramid on the seabed may have been made on the mainland, after which a devastating earthquake struck and drastically changed the landscape. Other scientists argue that a few hundred years ago the waters of the Bermuda Triangle area may have been a part of the people of Atlantis.

Pyramids on the sea floor may be a supply warehouse. It could be related to the race of underwater humanoids discovered in Washington State in 2004.

Scientists have concluded that the surface is smooth, looks like glass or ice. This news was further discussed at a conference in Florida, and reported to local Florida newspapers. The journalists have a lot of pictures and high-resolution computerized data, which show three-dimensional pyramids without being covered with debris or algae or cracks.

There is also a suspicion that the Bermuda triangle and the area where this pyramid is located may be some sort of “holy grounds,” that whatever crosses over the location is considered an offering. Many hypothesize that the pyramid can attract and collect cosmic rays, from the so called “energy field” or “quantum vacuum” and this may have been used as a power source.

With the mystery still surrounding the Egyptian pyramids and the fact that the pyramidal structures seems to be found in almost all ancient cultures.

More underwater pyramids have been discovered off the coasts of Central America, Yucatan, and Louisiana, where domes were found in the Straits of Florida. A marble Greek style building was found between Florida and Cuba.

And what about the column that radiated energy Dr. Zink found in the Bahamas and Zink also took artifacts from his dives over Atlantis, and he was interviewed by Mind International agent Steve Forsberg. Other pyramids were explored by Dr. Ray Brown on the sea floor off the Bahamas in 1970. 

Brown went down with 4 divers who had discovered domes, rectangular buildings, roads, unidentified metallic instruments, and a statue holding a “mysterious” crystal containing miniature pyramids. The metal devices and crystals were taken for analysis at a university in Florida. It was found that the crystal amplified energy that passed through it. Perhaps this is the reason for the glass-like pyramid!

Dr. Ray Brown’s Crystal Sphere

In 1970, a naturopathic practitioner, from Mesa, Arizona, went scuba diving with friends near the Bari Islands in the Bahamas, close to a popular area known as the Tongue of the Ocean (This was depicted in the tv show”In Search Of — Atlantis,” originally made in 1979). During one of his dives, Brown separated from his friends and while searching for them he was startled when he came across a strange pyramid shape silhouetted against the aquamarine light.

Brown was surprised by how smooth and mirror-like the stone surface of the whole structure was, with the joints between the individual blocks almost hard to see. Swimming around the capstone, he discovered an entrance and explored the interior.

Passing along a narrow hallway, Brown finally came to a small rectangular room with a pyramid-shaped ceiling. He was amazed that this room contained no algae or coral growing on the walls. 

Although Brown had no torch with him, he could still see everything in the room with his normal eyesight. The room was well lit, but no direct light source was visible. Brown was fixated by a brassy metallic rod three inches in diameter hanging down from the center of the room. Its end had a red gem, which tapered to a point.

Below this rod and gem, sitting in the middle of the room, was a stand of carved stone topped by a stone plate with scrolled ends. On the plate, there was a pair of carved metal bronze-colored hands, life-sized, which appeared blackened and burnt as if it was subjected to tremendous heat.

Four feet below the ceiling rod gem point, was a crystal sphere four inches in diameter. Brown tried to loosen up the ceiling rod and red gemstone but neither would budge. Returning to the crystal sphere, he found that it separated easily from the bronze hand holders. With the crystal sphere in his right hand, he then made his way out of the pyramid. As he departed, Brown felt a presence and heard a voice telling him to never come back. How freaky!

Going Back 5000 Years 

The Chinese are known to have some of the oldest and most ancient documents known to man. Master Li Hongzhi and Zhuan Falun is said to have an explanation of the discovery of a prehistoric civilization as follows:

“On earth, there are continents of Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania, Africa and the continent of Antarctica, which scientists in general geology called ‘continental plates’.

Since the formation of continental plates until sinking, there are already tens of millions of years of history. It can be said also that many mainland from the ocean floor that rises to the top, there are also a lot of land that sank to the seabed, since this condition is stable until the situation is now, already historic tens of millions of years.”

But in many sea floors, has found a number of large high buildings with exquisite carvings, and not from the cultural heritage of modern mankind, so surely the building that was created before he sank to the bottom of the sea.”


We are discovering the results of a devastating, earth changing event which raised sea levels and many from coastal civilizations were submerged into the sea. Scientists know more about the moon than they do about the earth’s oceans. We need to start asking more questions about what is really down there and start exploring!

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