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Popular Organic Bread Company Bought Out By Staunchly Pro-GMO Corporation

For many of us, one of the few things we can count on is that our organic bread will be truly organic. But, unfortunately, that may be about to change.

For those of us who have fallen in love with Dave’s Killer Breads – and there are certainly plenty of us that have! – we have bad, bad news: Their new owners? Not so organic.

Of the many companies that have contributed money to fight GMO labeling, Flowers Foods of Atlanta comes it at #37 – not so far down the list. 

Flowers Foods already sells Wonderbread, Sunbeam, and several other major bread labels. Dave’s Killer Bread is simply their latest acquisition.

Which begs the question: Will Dave’s Killer Breads be the same?

That was the “55 million dollar question” for the company’s founder Dave Dahl in this interview.

“What do you tell the folks who say Killer Dave sold out?” asks John Sepulvado.

“That’s what I did,” Dahl said. “That’s what we did.”

“But we also sold out to an opportunity that is the next step for this brand. In this industry if you just stand still and rest on your laurels you’ll get eaten up.”

Given Dahl will no longer be involved, we strongly suspect the changes coming will include more than ownership.

Dave’s Killer Bread is just one of several top organic brands (see this list to see if your favorite is here) that have “sold out” recently.

Some of those companies have been caught tampering under their new owners, too.

For example, the Silk almond and soy milk brand was called out for double-crossing its founder Steve Demos and switching to likely GMO soybeans without telling customers; they eventually became Non-GMO Project Verified due to an outcry, but the memory lingers.

It’s hard to fault “Killer Dave” too much considering the hefty sum he received for his company, but does that mean we should continue to support it? 

At the end of the day it’s more than fair to wonder if it’s time to move on and support another company, one that won’t be handing over profits to a bigger fish that wants to squash our long-awaited Right to Know what’s really in our food.

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