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Police Try to Justify Photo of Cop Arresting Man Selling Vegetables, Facebook Owns Them

It seems a growing number of us are no longer alone when we call police out on their hypocritical ways; recent events show far more Americans are making their voices heard when police departments persecute unjustly.

Most recently, we turn to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. In this case, they arrested a man for selling fruits and vegetables on the road – and then attempted to justify it as something else.

The sheriff’s office wrote:

This photograph has stirred up quite a bit of controversy on social media so we wanted to put some context to this picture. Some people have used this photo as an opportunity to criticize law enforcement and drive a wedge between us and our immigrant, minority and low income communities. Sometimes photos can be deceptive.

But that’s simply not true. 

The photo is quite clear. Even if it may not be legal to sell roadside, there are ways to enforce the law without being a jerk. Instead, though, this poor man had all of his wares confiscated, and was roughly arrested and thrown in jail.

Because someone selling fruit on the street is a definite threat.

One Facebook user wrote:

Justify however you want, if a deed doesn’t have an identified victim, it’s not a crime and you become the criminal. Badges don’t grant privileges of immorality,

…another user wrote:

This is why the people who hate you do. Even IN context this picture still boils my blood. A guy just trying to make some money. We shouldn’t need “law enforcement permission” to peacefully sell a product to make a buck. Victimless crime has no place in a so-called “free country. Talk about turning hall-monitoring into a career.

In all, nearly 2,000 comments on the Facebook post were clear that this isn’t what we expect police to do with our tax dollars.

“Legality doesn’t equate to morality. If there’s no victim there’s no crime and until you stop using violence and extortion against peaceful people everyone’s going to hate you,” one person wrote, summing up the problem of policing in America perfectly.

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