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Plastic – The Silent Killer: How to Check What is Written at the Bottom of the Plastic Packaging

By now you’ve probably read plenty of articles on this site and others about how bad plastic bottles can be for you, but do you know what the different types of plastic are? Fortunately, we’re here to help explain and demystify.

Here’s what you should know about the most common symbols used to indicated the type of plastic used:

#1 PET or PETE

stands for single-use bottles. These bottles can possibly release heavy metals and chemicals that affect the hormonal balance.

#2 HDP or HDPE

plastic that practically releases no chemicals. If you must buy plastic water bottles, these bottles are our recommendation.

#3 PVC or 3V

releases 2 toxic chemicals that affect the hormones in your body, but because it’s soft and flexible, it’s used widely, including in food products.


though this plastic cannot be used in the production of bottles it is frequently used for shrink wraps and bread bags, and is one of the safer plastics.

#5 PP

white-colored or semi-transparent, it is often used for syrups, yogurt cups, and cereal box liners. Polyproplene is also one of of the safer plastics. 

#6 PS

releases carcinogenic substances, but polystyrene is still widely used, especially in coffee cups, fast food to-go containers, and other styrofoam-like substances. This is definitely not a safe plastic.

#7 PC or non-labeled plastic

the most dangerous plastic used in food production, this catch-all category frequently leaches BPA and other toxic chemicals. Despite that, it’s regularly used for sports drink bottles and other food containers.

As you can see – there are lots of reasons to check the bottom of your bottle twice!

And if you really want to be safe – avoid plastics, and use glass or steel containers.

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