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Pipeline Leaks 136,800 Gallons Of Diesel In Northern Iowa

There is an ongoing investigation on a a pipeline that leaked 136,600 gallons od diesel fuel in Worth County, early Wednesday morning, according to Magellan Midstream Partners L.P., the pipeline company. 

The 3,300 barrels of diesel had leaked right from out of Magellan’s 12-inch pipeline near Hanlontown, around 390th Street and Wheelerwood Road, said Bruce Heine, who is a spokesman for Magellan. There will be a portion of Wheelerwood Road that will be closed off from the public for 2 days, according to the Worth County Sheriff’s Office. 

“It’s a big one — it’s significant,” said Jeff Vansteenburg, a field office supervisor for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. “The responsible party is Magellan, so they’ll have to bear the cost of clean up.The pipeline leaked on private agricultural land,” said Karen Grimes, spokeswoman for the Iowa DNR. There is a small stream located nearby the leak, but Grimes stated there was no contaminated surface water. The Iowa DNR hasn’t uncovered any contamination in underground water wells. 

The leak occurred when the pipeline ruptured and diesel sprayed out, Grimes said. Magellan reported the leak around 8 a.m. It was initially reported that 63,000 gallons leaked out, Grimes said. “They found that it’s basically pooled into a farm field that’s near the break and has not reached the water in the state,” Grimes said. “There’s a little creek, but it has not reached any surface waters at this time.” Heine states it’s unknown what would have caused the pipeline to leak out the fuel. Vansteenburg says nothing struck the pipe that would make it leak. 

He states that, in the pipeline, there are sensors that detect problems and notifies Magellan when it happens. 

“Since the leak, the pipeline has been contained,”Heine said.  

“No evacuations or injuries have been reported and there is no public health risk,” according to the Worth County Sheriff’s Office. 

Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources responded to the scene.Gas stations typically have a diesel-fuel tank underground that can hold between 10,000 to 15,000 gallons,” Vansteenburg said. He said enough diesel spilled in Worth County to supply around 10 stations. “The product is under pressure, so as soon as a leak develops, it starts coming out pretty fast,” Vansteenburg said. “The last significant pipeline leak that occurred in the state was in 2001 when a pipeline owned by the Koch Pipeline Co. leaked 312,000 pounds of fertilizer near Algona,” Vansteenburg said.

about 1.3 million turtles, frogs, fish and other aquatic life were killed from this spill, according to Register archives. “Magellan has been responsive to the leak,” Vansteenburg said. He says the company brought over frack and vacuum trucks that are meant to handle the diesel fuel, which will be shipped to the company’s terminal in Clear Lake. 

Once all this crude is recovered, he said the company will effectively remove the soil that is contaminated. Vansteenburg also stated that the Iowa DNR will check to see if any Iowa Administrative Codes were violated at all. 

“Magellan’s pipeline system transports refined petroleum products from refineries in the Gulf Coast and mid-continent to petroleum distribution terminals throughout the Midwest,” Heine said. 

On October 20th, a pipeline from Magellan leaked out anhydrous ammonia near Decatur, Nebraska, according to an article published by the Omaha World-Herald. The newspaper reports that only one person was killed from the leak, while 40 were evacuated. 

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