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Overworked Elephant Drops Dead After Forced to Give Rides in 100 Degree Heat

Sambo was an elephant taken from her family at a young age, and exploited by the humans that enslaved her, overworking her in intense heat, and she payed for it with her life.

Animal tourism is increasingly popular in under developed countries, and Westerner’s are attracted to the ‘exotic’ charm of these beautiful creatures, but they are the very cause of the exploitation.

In the sad case of Sambo, she was forced to ferry tourists to religious monument of Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, where temperatures rarely dip below 100 degrees. She would have to make long trips in this intense heat, often going hours without any food or water at the cruel hands of her handlers who saw as nothing more than a fairground attraction. 

Sambo suffered a fatal heart attack, and died, at the side of the road which she was once forced to tread. It is due to the heat exhaustion and lack of nourishment that contributed to this animals death, which could have so easily been avoided.

This kind of animal cruelty in the name of ‘tourism’ is happening right now in many places all over the world. Animals are forced away from their parents at a young age, and treated in the most cruel way imaginable. They are chained up to tightly their skin gets worn away, and they are starved and beaten, all to create a world of fear for the animal to make it compliant. In the wild, animals have complex social networks much like humans, they are incredibly intelligent and they feel loneliness, sadness and pain just like we do.

When planning your next holiday, don’t be tempted to get involved with this exploitative industry. It is thought that there are over half a million animals currently enslaved in tourism around the world. The more people avoid it, the faster this disgusting trend will die off.

Sambo’s life could have been very different. Could you live with yourself for knowing you contributed to the death of such an animal for the sake of a novelty? 

Every time these elephants are forced to carry people they are treading the thin line between life and death. Don’t let yourself be the cause.

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