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Non-Toxic Alternative To Vaccination

It is every parents right to have the freedom of deciding whether or not their kids will be subjected to vaccination. 

I wouldn’t ever force my opinion on anyone, but I do feel that we need to be aware of other options. A lot of the media wants you to fall to their deception, by saying there is no other safe alternative to vaccines, and that is false. For around 200 years, Homeoprophylaxis or HP, is effective and made like other homeopathic remedies. 

HP helps the immune system by educating it, and an article from Natural Health 365 says,“Biological discharges, such as sputum, or exudates are used as the original substance. The solution is then serially diluted and potentized to create the homeoprophylaxis remedies. No original molecules of the original disease remain in the final product. This process is a type of ‘attenuation.’” 

This process of attenuation makes a weakened, original disease (similar process used in vaccines). Although, regular vaccination can leave some of the disease product after attenuation.

You can be protected when vaccinated, for a while, but there isn’t any awareness of its safety. HP has been in over 200 years worth of evidence linking it to being safe and having long term health benefits.

It doesn’t contain detergents, foreign DNA, preservatives, antibiotics unknown viruses and isn’t found to grow on animal tissue. HP has been utilized against meningitis, polio, Leptospirosis, cholera, and other various diseases effectively around 85-95 percent.

The article further explains:

HP is administered by mouth, touching mucous membrane, just like natural disease enters the body. Individuals are given only one disease remedy at a time, which is more easily recognized by the body than multiple diseases administered with combination vaccines. Nosodes are available for measles, mumps, whooping cough, meningitis, tetanus, polio and many other infectious and tropical diseases as well.

Each month a nosode is administered to educate the immune system so that if the body endures a disease naturally, the immune system will respond in recognizing it and either fight it off with an immune response or repel it.

If you want to know more, watch the video above from Dr. Isaac Golden, below, who finished a 15 year study of HP for diseases in childhood.

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