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New Studies Confirm This Herb Kills 5 Different Types Of Cancer Including Lung, Ovarian, Liver and Melanoma

This exotic tree, is found in native parts of Asia and Africa. It is said that the whole tree, is in fact, edible. The flowers, pods, fruits, bark and roots are rich in nutrients, so no need for any of it to go to waste.

Moringa trees, known as Malunggsy or drumstick, these trees are utilized in South Indian prepped delicacies for their texture and unique taste. 

So, What Makes Moringa So Marvelous?

So, lets compare common products and healthy food that we consume, to the exotic Moringa. Here’s the facts regarding this edible plant:

  • Seeds from the Moringa are known to produce oil thats edible, which is seemingly more similar to olive oil, from a nutritional aspect.  Moringa oil, unlike most oils, is highly-rich in anti-oxidants; the shelf life is amazingly long-lasting!
  • Long passed as a huge source of iron, Spinach is being found to have three times less of the key nutrient than Moringa.
  • Moringa tea has been proven to have natural energy-boosting properties that stay leveled for a good period of time, while our usual cup of coffee in our daily lives, lack the energy benefits of the moringa.
  • Carrots, which are found to have an abundance of vitamin A, have been proven wrong. The moringa has about four times more the amount of vitamin A than carrots and is a perfect source of beta-carotene. 
  • Do you consume multi-vitamins daily? Here’s an interesting fact. Moringa supplements, made from pods and leaves of the moringa, are much healthier than the various supplements and vitamins on the market. They aren’t filled with synthetic ingredients, which makes it even more appealing!
  • This edible nutrient has double the amount of protein found in yogurt, per gram.
  • It has more than 3 times the amount of potassium per gram, found in bananas.
  • Moringa has about 7 times more vitamin C per gram than oranges who have always been flocked to for extra vitamin C. 
  • It is also great for our bones as well. Moringa has about 4x more calcium per gram than milk does.

The Anti-Cancer Effects of Moringa Revealed By Researchers

Researchers have found that Moringa contains many anti-cancer properties such as rhamnetin, isoquercetin and kaempferol. It also has the potential to be anti-cancer, with its positive results, it can also fight liver cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer and lung cancer. It will be a while before Moringa can be even claimed as a cure for cancer. It is this study, that is imperative, because it is a huge indicator that there is much potential for this to be the medicine of the future. Interestingly, moringa is used commonly and not just in a variety of applications, but in herbalism as well. 

Here Are Some Additional Benefits of The Moringa Plant

  • Purifies and cleanses water
  • Has 46 antioxidants, 27 vitamins, many minerals and 9 important amino-acids.
  • Is completely safe for children and adult consumption; has no side effects.
  • Found to be a powerful cleanser of the skin, and is great for vibrant, healthy hair.
  • Can actually improve lactation in humans.
  • Found to treat other ailments, wounds, chronic illnesses and bites.

OK…So Now That You’re Sold On The Idea, Where Can You Find This Plant?

There’s a company called “Kuli Kuli Foods” that sells moringa products. It is a fair-trade, small-scaled farming co-op in Haiti and Ghana. This plant can also be found in a South-Indian grocery market or any grocery store that does cater to Indian cuisine in particular. Once people have gotten to know how beneficial Moringa is, it will be stocked on shelves, in stores everywhere for all to purchase and consume. 

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New Studies Confirm This Herb Kills 5 Different Types Of Cancer Including Lung, Ovarian, Liver and Melanoma New Studies Confirm This Herb Kills 5 Different Types Of Cancer Including Lung, Ovarian, Liver and Melanoma Reviewed by Jamm Real on 18:20:00 Rating: 5