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Never Dump Old Pickle Juice Down the Drain Again Due to THESE 8 Reasons

When you do buy pickles, remember that there is benefits in the juice as well. 

Pickle juice actually has a positive effect on our health, as it is filled with antioxidants, nutrients and electrolytes. 

Benefits of Drinking Pickle Juice

1. Its Better Than Any Sports Drinks

Many athletes in sports have been using pickle juice as a way to rejuvenate electrolyte levels due to its sodium content. Even better, there are scientific evidence to support that. It is widely used in emergency rooms as it is found to aid those who are in cardiac arrest. It is even being found that within 1 minute, pickle juice can alleviate cramping and restore body balance. The sodium level isn’t behind this, but that sodium in pickle juice is found in vinegar and calcium chloride.

2. It Can Prevent or Treat Muscle Cramps

Vinegar and calcium chloride in pickle juice are helpful in making potassium and sodium easily absorbable for the body. There is evidence to back this claim up. It’s so beneficial that even athletes consume pickle juice to alleviate muscle cramping. That too, is based on supporting clinical evidence as well. 

3. It Can Relieve RLS

Those who suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) have discovered that consuming a few ounces of pickle juice before bedtime helped decrease leg movements in the night. It sounds promising, but it needs to be studied. There is, however, enough evidence from those who consumed it to relieve symptoms of RLS, that it could be worth looking more into. 

4. It Soothes Upset Stomachs

Many swear that pickle juice helps to alleviate an upset stomach and heartburn. You can even use honey and vinegar to lessen the symptoms. It sounds disgusting, so pickle juice it should be!

5. To Prevent Hangovers and Cover Alcohol Odor

Yes, I know, it masquerades alcohol breath! It even helps prevent that nasty hangover you get from consuming too much alcohol. Pickle juice can also save you from dehydration as it is an effective electrolyte balancer.

6. Pickle Juice Delivers Antioxidants and Nutrients Too

Pickle juice is extremely effective in health and weight management as it is filled with calcium and vitamin C, with a low amount of calories. The acidic content within pickle juice is beneficial for antioxidants as it makes them easily absorbable. 

Recommended Ways to Drink Pickle Juice

There are a variety of different ways to consume pickle juice to attain the benefits above. Here are some ways to add it into your dietary routine without getting that queasy feeling: 

7. It can be used as a dressing for your salad, as the salt and vinegar will boost the taste.

You can add it into your yogurt, and all you need is a few tablespoons of pickle juice. Don’t worry, the yogurt will cover up the taste of pickle juice. 

8. Pickle juice can be added into a marinade for fish, meat and poultry.

Anything you eat with pickles, you can eat with pickle juice. Egg salad, Tuna salad, or a garden salad. 

Add in a few ounces into your workout recovery shake/drink for an extra pep after your workout. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Drinking Pickle Juice?

When you want to add pickle juice to your diet, consult with your doctor as you would with a change in supplement etc. There are no side effects from consuming pickle juice, however, specific health conditions can suffer irritation from pickle juice. 

Always consult with a pharmacist before adding in pickle juice to your diet as it can affect some medications, due to its acid content.
If you are on a strict low-sodium diet, do not consume pickle juice.

Gout can be aggravated by pickle juice as it can boost buildup of uric acid, and even a family history of having gout should steer you away from drinking pickle juice. 

Other Uses for Pickle Juice

1. Soothe itchy skin: pour some pickle juice on a clean washcloth or dip a cotton ball in it, then use it on bug bites and itchy skin. Do not apply pickle juice to broken skin. 

2. Give your potted plants some love: Plants that thrive within the shade need acidic soil to grow. Applying 2 tbsp of pickle juice with 2 1/2 cups of water in a spray bottle, can help boost soil pH levels when plant leaves are turning yellow (yellow leaves mean the soil is too alkaline).


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