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NAFSN Outlaws Traditional Seed Trading, Allows Monsanto To Advance Across Africa

The Tanzanian government recently made a deal for developmental assistance. 

Enacting legislation to protect intellectual property rights and provide access to land for commercial investors, such as big agriculture companies Syngenta and Monsanto. The introduction of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NAFSN) in 2012 at the G8 summit had also inspired the agreement. 

However, certain requirements in the NAFSN agreements are enabling government corruption, undervalue ways of life and allow big agriculture to victimize third-world countries. This is occurring in Tanzania, where efforts to maintain and preserve small farms and the local economy are being hindered by the shift towards big agriculture. 

From the Tanzanian organic farming movement (TOAM), Michael Farrelly says,

“If you buy seeds from Syngenta or Monsanto under the new legislation, they will retain the intellectual property rights. If you save seeds from your first harvest, you can use them only on your own piece of land for non-commercial purposes. You’re not allowed to share them…you cannot sell them for sure…But that’s the entire foundation of the seed system in Africa.” 

If Farmers in Tanzania are caught illegally trading or selling patented seeds, they are subjected to a fine of over 205,300, euros, subjected to a prison sentence for more than 12 years, or both.“That’s an amount that a Tanzanian farmer cannot even start to imagine. The average wage is still less than 2 US dollars a day”, says Janet Maro, leader of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania.

The U.N.’s Farm and Agriculture Organization (FAO) ran some figures, and found over 80 percent of the food in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia is grown by small farms. Across the region, many are standing defiant against Monsanto, to preserve their cultural traditions, land and avoid becoming too reliant on big corporations. 

Earlier this year, India’s government promoted the use of traditional seeds and exploiting the illegal profiting of Monsanto’s Bt cotton seed. Monsanto is working hard to take control of the food we eat with their genetically modified seeds, and environment and health damaging chemicals.

They claim their products will meet global demand for food, yet all they have done is poison us and our environment, bankrupting farmers, and using bribing tactics to keep governments at bay. Monsanto will strop the biodiversity in our world by dominating our food supply.

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